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Posted by adairsawyer on February 2nd, 2014

For many homeowners, the need to control water consumption, in the attempt to reduce costly water bills, has become a priority. More and more people and installing water meters in their homes, for a large number domestic applications. These instruments offer accurate readings of the water consumed every day, also aiding in detecting any leaks in home water systems.

Water meters can be of different types and sizes, some of the smallest measuring half an inch in size, while the largest being 24 inch in size. Normal households will do well with normal sized meters, like those which have 3/4 inches. Now, in what concerns type, we can speak about the positive displacement watermeter or the electronic one. The first is appropriate for commercial or domestic use for most water-dependent appliances, while the electronic meter is indicated for applications which need an accurate reading of the water consumed. An advantage of electronic meters is the fact that they are in most cases smaller than the first type of meter. For the electronic instrument, water consumption is shown in black and white digits on the display. There may also be additional features, like the leak indicator, which, for most water meters, is shown as a triangle or star; if this starts registering when no domestic applications are running, then you may have a leak.

It can be said, without any reserves, that water meters are a great investments for the environment. We should all be a little more conscious about the resources we use and how we use them. Keeping down water consumption is financially advantageous as well as environmentally friendly. We should be more honest with ourselves and use only the water we need and try to save this precious and vital resource. When buying a watermeter, always look for quality. Materials have to be good, but also the actual mechanism that registers water consumption has to be reliable. It’s the small parts which usually break first, so pay attention to choosing a reputed brand of water meters which is known for its reliability. A quality watermeter should work without problems for at least 20 years. Some regular inspections must be performed, but these don’t take longer than a minute or two. By buying a quality watermeter, you’re investing in your own comfort, since the meter will need very little maintenance over the years.

Some types of meters do more than just register how much water you use. Besides measuring water consumption and indicating leaks, some meters can also detect low pressure and aid in regulating the normal flow of water. These extra features contribute in the optimal functioning of domestic applications and in reducing operational costs. Of course, as a home owner you will want a product which suits your specific needs; watermeter suppliers are always at your service, offering you suggestions on how to reduce water consumption by choosing the right equipment.

What type of watermeter do you need? Australian suppliers have a wide range of water meters suitable for all types of domestic applications.

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