The initial change to stun

Posted by wengzhujing on February 5th, 2014

Whining about losing a spell interrupt when in practical terms, pve fights aren't exactly lacking for spell interrupts, is like the first world version of a first world gold on wow.Have you heard about item squish?  It's been mentioned a few times I think -- HPs will be going down drastically before WoD releases - expect to have less HP at 100 than you do now at 90.

The initial change to stun.Way, waaaaaaaaaaay, more practical effect. The CC revamp that will eventually come around scares me. I have a very difficult time seeing it going well while our hp and damage continue to ramp up as we level another 10 levels, though those 10 levels do give them an opportunity to drastically change the relationship between health and damage...I suppose. The Item Squish will deal with the scaling issue. Basically, the numbers will look like something from Vanilla, while effective power will still remain the same, ie. if you can kill something in 2 seconds now, you can still kill it in 2 seconds then. The CC revamp is much needed, though. Seems the arms race just got out of hand. I suspect both CC and and some mobility abilities are gonna take hits, depending on how any individual class is balanced.
Victory Rush is pretty potent (though it requires a killing blow), and Second Wind is the most potent self heal we have... If you time your defensive abilities properly you'll end up making a few angry rouges here and there.  And in Prot you're pretty much unkillable 1-on-1.

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