I was with my real life friend

Posted by wowingold on February 5th, 2014

This topic is to remember all those times which linger in your memory and you wish to share with the community. Whether it be a big event or a small one, an event remembered by many or just a few, impersonal or personal, you can put them all in here. This topic, unlike the one in Community Discussion, is for in game memories only, the end idea being that we create a form of memory capsule, that others can read and learn about the history of the game through its best critics - you, the players, old and new.

I remember... when I first joined and was so confused. I was lost and couldn't find anything. I had to use that silly map you buy at the General Store to get around! Runescape 07 Gold When I finally got to Varrock I saw 100gp on the ground near the bank and thought I was rich for picking it up. I was wondering who was stupid enough to leave riches on the ground like that. RuneScape 2007 Gold.

I remember... joining my first clan. I was having trouble joining the forums and couldn't figure out to how to do anything on the forums. My first clan was a blast. I had a great time going to events and participating in the skill of the month they had.

I remember... the first time I died. I was with my real life friend and we went to the wild for some reason. I don't remember why, but I had to get off. When I logged back on, I didn't know how to get out of the wild... so I died.

I remember... hanging out in a house in Varrock and basically for the first month or so doing everything with my real life friends. Sadly, most of them have ceased to play the game now.

I remember... the only time I ever tried to go PKing. I only brought a whip and I lost it. At the time, that was my prized possession and was angry at myself for even trying to PK. After this, I never stepped into the wild or tried PKing ever again.

I remember... POHs being introduced into the game. It was really fun when they first came out.

I remember... when Pest Control first came out. Everyone was doing it and the best world for a while was 76.

This brings back some good memories.

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