Group decision making made easy with a cloud based idea management system

Posted by RaynaJess on February 5th, 2014

Organizations need to encourage and ensure group decision making because it’s a group that can come up with the best decisions for the organization. Modern decision making has two important elements – more correct decisions need to be made and faster decisions need to be made. As you know there is a lot of risk involved in decision making this element often plays spoilsport for many decisions. With an idea management system a group can access different data analysis reports that mitigate risks and help make decisions faster.

Group decision making is a slow process because there are a lot of people involved in the process. Every member of a group has their individual opinions and an effective group decision is one that takes into account all these opinions. Typically decision in a group can be in the form of a consensus (this is the ideal decision making) where everyone agrees that the decision taken is right. Or it can be democratic where the majority rules. But what is most important is how the final decision is arrived at. One has to ask this question. Is the final decision based on what the group members think or is it basis some data? When the group uses an idea management system it is data that rules. And when data rules the decision meeting outcome is usually better and correct.

So how does an idea management system foster group decision making? It is easy to see, isn’t it? This system works as a databank where all sorts of organization data is stored. Most importantly this system can store minutes of all meetings and the roles and responsibilities of every member. So, when a decision has to be taken the group can see past precedents of decision making. This helps the process. Moreover, once the decision is taken there is more commitment from the group because everyone knows that all actions would be tracked in the system. This is anything but a policing system but it does increase accountability of the group.

An idea management system can also help collaborate online. Members of a discussion committee can connect on the system using their credentials and participate in the discussion. This is possible because most such systems are now cloud based. Connection is possible online with the right credentials and when the group comes together and looks at data analysis group decision making becomes that much more effective.

There are various theories related to decision making and they are mostly on the behavioral side. However, if you look at the most popular decision making models they continuously harp on the fact that the best decisions are optimum mixes of gut instinct and logic. Gut instinct comes from experience and logic comes from data analysis and this is where such a system plays a critical role.

Try out an idea management system for group decision making and see how effective it is. Try out a trial period offer and you will get the idea of how such a system works.

A cloud based, online idea management system helps in better group decision making.

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