Enhanced Security through Electronic Signature Software

Posted by Datacapturesolutions on February 6th, 2014

Electronic signature capturing programs and devices has revolutionized delivery, maintenance, repair, and installation services, providing field workers with a more efficient way to verify orders and service requests and customers with a more secure way to use these services. Electronic signature systems also reduce the amount of paperwork that needs to be accomplished in-house or out in the field, while simplifying deployment and dispatch of products and/or services. This leads to shorter payment cycles and fewer errors in order/purchase processing, as well as better focus on administrative and operational tasks, which also means faster completion of work and operations.

Data Capture Solutions provide you with a complete selection of myMAp mobile solutions and software products that integrate electronic signature capture, ideal for any field service operation like mobile delivery and sales. The system even offers multiple signature capture functionality for transactions that require additional information from multiple people in order to create electronic documents. It is a convenient means of capturing essential information on the go, ranging from e-signatures to time and date, GPS data, photos, and even consumer feedback.

Electronic signature programs and systems allows fast, easy, and secure generation and collection of proofs of service/delivery, which are essential pieces of document that any mobile or field service operation must secure should discrepancies and consumer complaints arise.

Gone are the days when delivery crews had to fumble with clipboards, invoices and lost pens just to secure proofs of service from clients. With more and more businesses embracing electronic signature capture and integrating field management systems into their operations, product and service deliveries are smoother and quicker. No longer do ordering systems have to hinge on hard copies of invoices and order slips. Signature capture systems allow a more systematic, clutter-free, and convenient means of service delivery, tracking, and database generation, and service validation.

With electronic signature systems and devices, customer signatures can immediately be sent to a company's server where they can be automatically applied to digital invoices and consumer records. This eliminates the need for personnel to file and update delivery forms and invoices, which not only saves a lot of time, but also frees up plenty of space in your office or headquarters. This also eliminates the need for field operators to report to your main office before beginning their routes, as orders and service requests can be automatically loaded into the system for access on their individual devices.


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This article is written by Sam Waters, who is associated with Data Capture Solutions. Data Capture Solutions (UK) Ltd believes in providing solutions that are robust, powerful yet cost effective. Our aim is to make mobile working affordable for organisations of all sizes. We are solution providers in the true sense of the word with expertise within all areas of enterprise mobility from mobile hardware, software, security, communication and integration.

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