How Asset Tracking Software Improves Your Business Productivity

Posted by Datacapturesolutions on February 6th, 2014

Mobile asset management and tracking is one of the most important aspects of operational management, regardless of your industry. Asset tracking software such as inventory management systems that monitor a company's physical assets, ranging from machinery to supplies and their operational lifecycle help reduce downtime and in turn improve business productivity. They help ensure each business asset is in place and working properly to prevent any disruptions in the operation and deter negative impacts. They also prevent costly delays in case of inevitable operational disruptions by managing contingency resources.

Data Capture Solutions offers an enterprise asset management system that allows streamlined management of business assets through systematic electronic processes that make real-time monitoring and tracking of assets possible. This eliminates the need for manual data entry and tedious paperwork, enabling your business to maximize productivity through faster and more organized data collection, and an overall, more efficient asset management scheme. The program also has a fully customizable design for convenient integration with your new or existing homegrown enterprise management system.

There are various ways through which companies can manage and track assets. Today however, instead of labour-intensive and manual asset-tracking between distributors and manufacturers as well as other parties under the same chain of command, many organizations rely on electronic systems and programs that not only reduce human error, but lessens supply chain costs and shortens the process as well. Typical mobile asset management systems and solutions employ sophisticated technologies that promote better control, visibility, as well as traceability of various business assets, physical and otherwise.

Some of the best benefits of employing an asset management system include:

  1. Visibility of all assets in the supply chain
  2. Compliance with the requirements and mandates of consumers
  3. Full tracking and inventory control of assets across multiple facilities
  4. Reduced damage and loss of in-transit goods
  5. More streamlined operations when it comes to asset-related business processes (tracking automation, etc.)
  6. Lower labour cost
  7. Less human error
  8. Improved rental utilization
  9. Reduced risk of theft

In general, asset tracking programs and software also enhance various processes such as work-order generation, communication, and management, inventory tracking and management, preventive and corrective maintenance requirements, regular inspections, job time tracking, traditional paper work, asset auditing, as well as regulatory compliance with QA standards.  These kinds of programs offer unbeatable value to any kind of business with important assets to track and monitor.

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This article is written by Sam Waters, who is associated with Data Capture Solutions. Data Capture Solutions (UK) Ltd believes in providing solutions that are robust, powerful yet cost effective. Our aim is to make mobile working affordable for organisations of all sizes. We are solution providers in the true sense of the word with expertise within all areas of enterprise mobility from mobile hardware, software, security, communication and integration.


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