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Get rid of pain with Chiropractor non-surgical treatments

Posted by liyo89 on February 6th, 2014

Most of the people have bouts of back pain which can be mild or severe. But do you know the causes of the pain and the treatments available for it? The most common reason behind this pain is neuromuscular and spinal disorders. A chiropractor is a medical professional, dedicated completely on the diagnosis and non-surgical treatments of disorders of muscles and bones of the body. They accentuate on treatment through manual adjustment, manipulation and alignment of the spine and its surrounding structures.

The Chiropractor focuses to maintain the intimate relationship between the nervous system and the spine that will ultimately help you reduce pain and improve the functionality of your body. They also make people familiar with exercise, ergonomics and other therapies to treat back pain. Chiropractic therapies can be the primary or secondary method of treatment. Even when other modes of medical treatment exist, chiropractic can be a complementary treatment by relieving the spine and musculoskeletal aspects associated with the pain.

The acupuncture treatment provided by chiropractors is very effective for the treatment of low back pain when given in addition to other therapies. Traditional Acupuncture Jacksonville involved inserting needles at fixed points and depths of the body and gently twisting and manipulating the needles causes a considerable release of endorphins into the bloodstream and unblocks the flow of energy. It is hard to believe that needles can reduce pain, but Chiropractor believes, they stimulate the nerves with the help of needles in release of pain-relieving hormones in the body to treat the pain Jacksonville.

So, if you are suffering from a chronic backache, visit a chiropractor today. Jacksonville Chiropractic and Acupuncture is one of the reputable chiropractic clinics. Dr. Jeremiah Carlson is an experienced chiropractor providing only the finest quality care through the use of modern chiropractic equipment and technology. They just don't treat symptoms, but dig deeper in order to understand and heal the root causes of each patient's health concerns. Whether you need a chiropractor, massage therapist, or acupuncturist, you can visit their website and take a move towards optimal health and wellness.

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