The Music Industry is Changing!

Posted by GhostPIllows on October 8th, 2020

The digital age of music distribution has changed the way listeners, record labels, and artists approach music. While record sales were once the main source of income for labels and artists, it's now no longer the case. Artists used to be concerned with singles or even full albums being leaked, now they release them for free and instead make more money on concert tickets and promotion through online music subscription services like Apple music

With the emergence of digital media, especially concerning music, comes platforms that artists are using to share their music. Platforms like Spotify, BandCamp, DatPiff, and many more are offering platforms with incredible reach for artists to upload their music to share with the world. 

With new changes to the industry at large come different methods of marketing music. No longer are people handing out physical copies of albums, although vinyl sales are hotter than ever. Instead, marketing music has more to do with algorithms and less about physical copies of music. Promoting your music has led to some artists choosing to buy Spotify plays from third-party providers. 

With the advent of algorithms dominating so many kinds of technology people use repetitively every day, our merger with electronic devices grows even more intimate. It's hard to say how exactly our relationship with our devices will continue on in the future. There is speculation around internal computing processors located inside the human body that could one day send health data, play music, and store massive amounts of biological information. 

No one saw coming to the fact that people would sleep with their mobile devices and that they would become such a huge part of our lives, but here we are. 2020 is a futuristic time to be alive. We are seeing incredible advances in technology that seemed impossible only 10 years ago. What the next big advance in technology that we will see this decade?

When it comes to music it's hard to forecast how more futuristic things can become short of having headphone implants in our ears that wirelessly connect to any device we choose. However, this could lead to hacking of these devices. 

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