Is most the formatting on this article borked

Posted by wengzhujing on February 7th, 2014

Is most the formatting on this article borked(missing bold, italic etc) for anyone else? or is it just my browser being silly?My little brain is confused,hard to tell when a question finishes and a answer begins ERMAHGERD its all ghostcrawlers fault!Disclamer: my above comment is all in good fun, I'm not having a go at anyone or complaining.its sad I have to say that, but required to stop a wave of flame from the WoW Insider readers.Cheap WOW Gold On Sale.The article's formatting is borked as many, many, many posters have noted below.The WoW fanfiction forum seems to be thriving, enough that Sarah posted an article about her five favorites. So my Q4tQ is this: Is there any plan for that to be a regular thing, like Moviewatch? Featuring particularly noteworthy fanfictions on WoW Insider?

I need Shaman Tank. I am getting used to Warrior Tanking (and I have tried Pally / Bear / DK ) but it doesn't feel right. I want a nice big rock biter axe in one hand and a big shield made out of a lump of diamond in the other (just, you know, for the theme of it). And I want to throw them in the face of one boss whilst my Earth Elemental is off tanking the other one. Might try out Monk Tanking I guess, but it just doesn't sit right with me that a Monk can tank but a Shaman cannot.I love shield tanking, and ranged dps. I can't do that on one toon. I really want to tank on my shammy and/or a ranged spec for warrior (we can equip a gun, let us use it!). I predicted there would be fourth specs in WoD.I was wrong.So I'm holding onto that prediction for the next xpac.Honestly up until WoD was revealed I was telling people to be ready for Shaman Tank, was very sad to learn I'd misguessed. Roll on the next Xpac!That's a really good point. A monk can tank but not a shaman.Only if people actually use them. Tanking invites a lot of criticism from the rest of the team, especially if they perceive you as doing it wrong. I got loads of "advice" in the early days of Wrath when all three DK trees were meant to be tankworthy. 

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