Pimple Pattern Used In Golf Balls

Posted by SportsGear4U on February 7th, 2014

Golf is one among the most popular games played by people all over the world. This game is also one among the ancient games that is being played by people. In golf, the type of golf ball used has a vital role to play. There are countless designs and patterns of golf balls available in the market today, and each has a unique feature that they are being used in games for different purposes. While shopping for golf balls online from the sports stores online, it is important that you read about their feature and especially the pimple or dimple patterns. This helps you in choosing the right type of golf ball based on your skill level.

Types of Golf Balls

There are basically three different types of golf balls available in the market, and they are dimpled balls, pimpled balls and plain surface balls. Dimpled balls with the smaller dimple-like patterns arranged in asymmetric ways will have longer and higher flight distances. The pimple pattern on golf balls prevent them from sinking inside the water surfaces that are most commonly found in the golf courses. The pimple pattern golf balls can also be used during the practice sessions as they are not so expensive they can be brought in more numbers.

The pimple pattern on the golf balls, let them spin more frequently and also easily when they are hit. This way the possibility of balls getting struck in the trees can be avoided.

Shop Them Online

To shop for the finest quality of pimple pattern golf balls, you can shop for them online at the sport and fitness equipment stores. At online stores, which specialize in selling golf balls, one can shop for a wide range of golf balls like:

  • Titleist pearl lake golf balls
  • Ladies soft balls
  • Brand fusion golf balls that are colorful
  • Wilson Fg Tour X golf balls
  • Wilson Ultra  golf balls and more

However, the best way to shop for best quality golf balls is to shop them online at the e-stores specializing in selling fitness accessories and sports gears and equipment. When compared to the actual market price the online stores sell golf balls and other sport equipment at lesser rates. One can also compare prices of golf balls online at these e-stores and shop all sporting equipment with these stores at lowest prices combined with greater discounts and offers.

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