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Posted by Johny Dean on February 8th, 2014

Everyone can live a better life through sports. Sporting activities allow us to improve our flexibility, coordination, reaction speed, muscle mass and mental status. A specific category of sports offers all this, if people practise them regularly.

It is about martial arts, also known as a series of combat techniques used for a number of reasons like physical improvement, mental development or spiritual enlightenment. Martial arts are practised by people in Asia from a very young age, because of the advantages they provide.

This trend has made its way to Europe, too, nowadays children starting to practise martial arts since they are 3. Martial arts are a combination of fitness, self-defense techniques, and combat practices, being performed with weapons or unarmed.

A very special category of martial arts Brighton refers to taekwon do Brighton, a Korean martial art practised with success in this town on the south coast of Great Britain. Just like any other martial art, taekwon do combines sport and combat techniques.

Tae kwon do Brighton can be practised by any person able to use their feet and hands very fast. Taekwon do is recognized for being a sport where fast kicking and striking are imperative. This sport can be considered by both genders, bringing more balance and flexibility to anyone who practises it.

To be able to perform a taekwon do exercise, you need to have a certain physical strength and stamina and be capable of concentrating very well on yourself and your competitor. These capabilities can improve, in the case of a person who practises taekwon do, but they need to exist naturally in that person.

A taekwon do student can be identified by the uniform that he wears, which is often white. A belt can also be seen around the waist; the colour of this belt says a lot about the performance level reached by the student.

As with other martial arts Brighton, taekwon do has various ranks that showcase the performance level reached by the person who practises taekwon do. In this particular case, ranks are divided into "junior" and "senior".

The "junior" category is also known as "student" and the "senior" category, as "instructor". The first one is characterised by belts of various colours, while the second category by black belts with up to nine "dans" attached to them.

These dans are ranks that a taekwon do student has to earn through effort and concentration. The lowest level of black belts is one dan and the highest one, nine dans. The rank reached by a student is represented by a belt featuring a certain number of stripes or Roman numerals, although many black belts do not feature any number or design.

Want to get fit, learn some combat practices or self-defense techniques? You sound perfect for our classes of taekwon do Brighton. This is a sport included in the category of martial arts Brighton that can bring you anything from physical and mental development to weight loss and stress relief. Join our classes today and benefit from an ancient system of combat practices that offers modern results.

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