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Posted by nelsmith on February 8th, 2014

Organization design can be defined as the process which is used for increasing the organizational changes in the market. If you can define it in the specific terms, it is the integration of the information, personnel and the technology of any organization in the formal process. It can be also defined as the design which serves as the template of the organization which is important for the success. In some organizations, the mission, vision and the objectives cover the organizational design. The idea is to improve the chances of the success.

It also differs from company to company but there is a consistent theme. It includes the different processes which help to redefine or restructure the organization for giving a definite structure which encompasses the role of the company. According to some organizations, the talents and the merits of the personnel are aligned with the process and structure of the company.

Some Advantages of the Process

There are numerous advantages of the organizational designs. It addresses the function of every person in a team and a complete description of their duties. It also provides a platform for sharing the ideas and also hastens the process of making decisions. It also helps the managers to unnecessary complexity and less stress. It also helps the managers to itemize the problems which would have been easily overlooked by them and also get the opportunities which should be explored.

Some Types of Organization Designs

The Organization designs can be divided into two categories, which are Traditional and contemporary. Both designs have their own weakness and strengths. The traditional design encompasses the simple structures, functional functions and the divisional structures. The contemporary design includes the most complex matters such as the boundary less firm, learning of the organization, the project structure, team structure and the matrix structure. The implementation of the organization design helps in the business transformation.

Some Key Element of the Organization Design

Some key elements in any type of the organization design are Departmentalization, Work Specialization, Formalization and Centralization, Chain of Command and Span of Control. All of these elements play an important role about the organizational design. It is difficult to predict about the type of organization design which will work best for any business. The program director can check the elements and decide the type of organization design, which will work for a specific organization. Most of the time, the types of element decide about the type of design of organisation

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