What Would Like To See In the RS Invention Skill with old runescape cheap gold?

Posted by letusgame on February 10th, 2014

As we all know, Invention Skill, the companion skill to Divination, will be released soon in 2014. You are able to upgrade weapons and skilling tools with this skill. It will also be possible to create contraptions as well as lightning and soul weapons. Moreover, you can combine weapons that you already own. Based on all of those functions in Invention Skill, what else would you like to see with old runescape cheap gold?
A possible weapon
It will be great to have a hybrid weapon with level 95 and T80 stats, which can change into a weapon for each style – and that is the best aspect of it.
It would take 2.5 minutes to change styles and could switch every 10 minutes. Since the idea is basically a slayer's wet dream, components needed to craft it could be bought with reward points or integrated into level 75-80+ slayer monsters as rare drops.
Ideally it would be untradable, crafted from scratch with untradable materials, and be very difficult to get. It shouldn't devalue chaotics or other T80 gear, thus it would probably be a 2h with some sort of debuff to make it slightly less powerful.
A personal lodestone
Maybe a personal lodestone in pre-set places, and one at a time of course, like the spirit trees. Something like that would require a decent invention level and perhaps some quest requirements.
Perhaps Tribal Totem, during the quest you learn about the invention of a "locator orb" which may be implemented into it. Maybe Oldak's Sphere's from Death to the Dorgeshunn could inspire a young inventors mind into being able to make a permanent lodestone into the Dorgeshunn city, and perhaps Kedagrim after helping form the Dorg-Dwarf alliance.
There should also teleports that exist that don't have lodestones, such as lodestones to places like Trollheim and Ape Atoll, ect.
World event 3 in the future
Runescape world event 3 has not been announced yet, but we can tell that the third world event will include Marimbo and Brassica Prime. According to Jagex, in order to fit old runescape cheap gold those two gods' characters, world event 3 will be much more light-hearted and friendly between players.
Some players doubt that the third world event perhaps will be an Easter event. Well, as for me, Easter event is 100% not a world event, and it's just a light-hearted holiday event. I surely hope there will be something more excited in world event 3.

To be honest, Jgaex has done a lot for bringing us the Invention Skill, so maybe it's hard for add something more. But it's always good to have hope in the future. Perhaps you dream will come true some time.


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