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Posted by Ameliagomez on October 9th, 2020

We all love to start a business on Instagram . Because we have seen big incomes and we are interested in making money easily. In the meantime, there are pages and people who are abusing your concern. Learning to make money from Instagram is one of the topics that these people raise. Many people are deceived by the promises of these people and spend millions in this field. But in the end, they learn things they could easily find if they did a simple search on the Internet. In this article, we are going to tell you how to set up a page to earn money completely free of charge .

We promise you that if you follow all the things we have covered in this article, you can make a good income. It does not matter how familiar you are with Instagram. We are going to teach you from zero to one hundred. So get your mobile phone ready now to start training.

Instagram Business Principles

If you want to join any guild, you have to follow a series of points and tips. For example, when you are hired, you must be present at your place of work with the official brigade. Acting on Instagram is like working outside. The only difference is that you can easily make money even at home. This monetization requires that you know the basics of Instagram business and follow a pattern. Some say there is no pattern. But it is completely wrong. It can cause chaos if you do not do anything legal. This chaos causes you to lose focus and lack proper planning.

So we have to start our business on Instagram in a certain way. In this way, we can plan together. That means, for example, knowing what content we are going to put today. Are we going to advertise or not? Apart from planning , we will also cause our rapid growth in instagram .

1- Making two pages

We have assumed that you have no work page on Instagram . That's why we need two pages. One page is for selling goods or services and another page is a public page related to your business . I will complete my speech with an example. We assume you have a women's clothing store. Create a page for the meson. The other page is about fashion and style and things like that. In the following, I will tell you how to choose a page profile and its name. But before that, I invite you to watch the video below, which provides instruction on creating an instagram account. After watching this video, stay tuned.

2- Appropriate name for the page

Putting the right name for the Instagram page will be even more important than dinner. Never use long, meaningless, childish letters on your page. We are accompanied by 4 parts in the Instagram profile section. These 4 sections are: username, name, bio and website link. You need to have all of these things right and complete. In the Instagram Algorithms article , we have discussed how to write a biography and choose the right name, which you must read.

In the site link section, it is better to put your site address. If you do not have a site, you can set up a communication channel such as WhatsApp, Telegram Channel or your Telegram ID. Doing so will also increase your sales. Also, the customer will buy more easily. This is for your work page. For your public page, put your work page link in the website link. By doing this, you have also unknowingly advertised your business. Follow the steps below to place your page link: Insert an ID page instead of a username.

3- Quality posts

Instagram is an image-driven application. That is, there is a movie or photo in it. You will not see anything other than these situations. Therefore, the video or photos that you put in your post should have high graphics and a beautiful cover. Respect the people on Instagram so that they can follow you. When a guest comes to your house, do you put broken dishes in front of him? Absolutely not. Poor quality content is just like that. Take a quality photo or video of the product for your work page. Add high quality videos and photos to your public page as well.

Try to write a suitable and attractive caption for your posts. The caption should not be formal or dry in any way. Behave in a way that the user knows you are talking to. Be sure to use the emoji. Your captions must have an enter every 4 lines and not all sentences must be written in a row. By doing this, you can attract the audience more easily. As a result, start selling fast.

What to sell on Instagram

In general, you can sell anything on Instagram. But there are some items that will always make you money faster. In this section, we will introduce all the items that will make you earn money faster in starting an Instagram business. These include: selling clothes, selling perfume, selling hats, selling rhinestones, selling items made of cheap gold, selling sunglasses, selling socks, selling toys, selling mobile phones, and most of all selling cosmetics that can get you to Make a lot of money. So if you can find a supplier in these areas and work with him, you can earn more than 10 million a month.

Business profile on Instagram

The purpose of the profile is to change your page to business mode. By doing this, you can access important statistical data. For example, you can get the best time to post on Instagram , the number of page views, the number of followers and the number of followers per week and day. This statistic can further help you generate content and how to advertise. Also, the good statistics it gives you are that you can see which post you have visited the most and how many people have saved them. You will also receive a number to share. So if you have not done business on your page, do it now.

Career development methods on Instagram

Now we hit the pact and we also produced the content, now what is the turn? If your followers are less than 20, buy Instagram followers right now. Because the most important thing to attract a customer is to trust him. You can not trust him without a follower. Now, if your likes do not match your followers, you can also buy Instagram likes . To gain more trust, you can also buy comments and buy views. Once your page is a little bigger, it's time for ads. You have no choice but to advertise to grow your business on instagram. But you might be afraid of the costs. You can save money by reading the cost of advertising on Instagram . But in the following, I want to open these issues to some extent.

Buying a follower means buying trust for a business on Instagram

Few people will trust you when you start your business on this social network. You consider two pages. One person has 200 followers and another has 200 followers. Which one do you trust? Of course, it's easier to trust a page that has more followers. If that 200,000-page page has also bought a follower, which it must have done, it has also bought trust. Keep in mind that store pages can not attract an audience other than buying followers. Do not be afraid to spend money on this.

Advertising on this

The next thing is advertising. We are all afraid of advertising. Because we do not know what the return will be on the cost. We may have advertised before, but we have not received the required return. In the meantime, we will give up advertising. It's a similar thing. You need more than luck to succeed in affiliate business. Advertise with appropriate conceptual and psychological words. Let me give you a simple example. You all know Tehrani extensions. Although it has not existed for several years. But if you have been active on Instagram, you have heard this name for once. This person was able to create a personal brand for himself with the advertisements he did, and he succeeded. He also made good billion dollars.

Instagram business tools

In this section I will tell you on a case by case basis what tools are needed to have a good content production. All of these are essential tools that should be used to do business on the page. Now, at the appropriate time and in the following articles, we will address each of them. These include:

  • kine master Powerful video editing tool
  • phonto A tool for writing text on images
  • pics art A powerful tool for editing images
  • insight A powerful tool for page analysis
  • High quality phone or camera

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