Alien abduction theories

Posted by jennycooper on February 10th, 2014

If you are one of the persons that believe in aliens, you have probably met a lot of people who have treated you with skepticism. So why don’t you join a large community of people who believe in ancient aliens, alien abduction and everything that has to do with aliens? The website provides a large number of articles written about aliens and the theories around them. You do not have to be a believer to find the theories interesting and challenging.

The idea of aliens has been discussed for many years now by a large amount of different persons. There are many researchers exploring the existence of ancient aliens and whether they have already visited our planet or not. Some scientists say they have and that their presence can be explained by taking a look at old works of art describing figures of aliens or the ancient architectural wonders such as Stonehenge or the pyramids. They claim that the humans could not have built such majestic masterpieces because they did not have the possibility.

But what is the reality? Although the website from We believe in aliens does not offer clear and straight answers, they will offer the place where one can start exploring the possibility of alien existence and alien abduction. How else can one explain the many strange encounters human had with so-called aliens, encounters that cannot be explained rationally? However, it is up to you which of the stories you believe and which you would categorize as a hoax.

When speaking of ancient aliens, the theorists believe that the first ones to visit our planet were Annunakis and that they have taught the Summerians modern day techniques and methods. One theory says that the aliens are our forefathers. Whether one believes this or not, the theories can provide interesting information regarding the genetically mutated first human beings so that mankind would be intelligent.

The father of modern day science, Albert Einstein, has left a great deal of scientific work which is considered to be exceptional. Due to the many stories regarding alien abduction, people have started to take into consideration the hypothesis that aliens are human-friendly and that they have helped Einstein to make the discoveries. What is true? What is a hoax? Read the articles on the website and your beliefs might be shaken from the ground. Or maybe you will find a new theory that will catch your eye.

If you like this website, you can register on it and you will receive a direct email whenever there is a possible alien sighting. And it is for free! You can send your questions and suggestions using the contact form. You can watch videos or browse through the alien pictures posted on the website. Or take a look at the artwork made in connection with aliens. You will definitely find something amazing regarding life in the outer space!

Resource Box: If you want to read a story about an alien abduction or if you want to read more about the relation between ancient prophets and ancient aliens, this website is the perfect place where you can start!

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