Feminization Hypnosis: What Makes It Effective?

Posted by Nick Niesen on October 26th, 2010

Feminization hypnosis is currently the most popular way to transform trans people into real women. It has been proven very effective for several years now and the entire process have already produced a lot of verifiable testimonies. But how does the whole thing really work? Would feminization hypnosis be effective for you?

To solve any personal dilemma, doctors usually attempt to start with the mind. And that?s simply because they all knew about the innate powers of the mind. The mind alone can make a person become what he would like to become, without much of an effort.

Feminization hypnosis doesn?t require the use of any surgery, pill, or topical creams for it to be effective. What it uses are the modern techniques of hypnosis in order to awaken the feminine side of every individual. All people, men and women alike, have that certain level of femininity within them. And with the right hypnotic procedure, that feminine trait is extracted and enhanced rather naturally.

Feminization hypnosis conditions the deeper part of the mind, which is the subconscious. Slowly, but surely, it programs the subconscious so that you will think, act, and look like a woman. The whole process can be so powerful that it simply doesn?t stop in conquering the mind. In fact, it merely starts there. Because once feminization hypnosis has fully trained the mind, everything else follows.

The mind will then work to instruct all other body processes and hormones to behave in the same manner as a woman?s. In effect, you would feel more womanly, the way you walk would be different, and your voice would sound more feminine.

Feminization hypnosis works through the power of suggestion. By listening to the therapist?s hypnotic voice, seeds of femininity are encouraged inside you. All physical changes it produces are more or less permanent, although you must still work to maintain them. But once they become second nature to you, everything else happens quite naturally.

Feminization hypnosis is almost a necessity to all transgender, transsexual, and transvestite. The technique allows their mind to merge with their feminine side. And eventually, that feminine side will come out and suppress its masculine counterpart. Once that is achieved, the goals of feminization hypnosis are complete. All that?s left to do is to sustain that acquired femininity and preferably, enhance it even more. As a result, everything woman-like that you do become all but natural for you - as if you are actually born a woman.

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