The development cycle of online games

Posted by vonog74938 on October 10th, 2020

We like to play games, listen to music and watch movies. They are fun experiences, but not many of us really know the process and the hard work involved in creating the product of movies, music or games. What happens to a process that combines the three (if you have not yet realized, I mean the development of the game)?

Let's look at the lifeline of an idea game to be downloaded รีวิวเว็บพนัน

You have an idea for a game. It will be the next Halo or Mario. It's not that easy. First, make a viability test; It determines how realistic the idea will be. Part of the test will include market research to see if this idea is needed. Is it something new that the market likes? Do you follow an already established product (for example, make a platform game in response to Mario as Sega did)? If so, how will you compete? Decide what type of game you want is an online game, a puzzle, a word game or an arcade game. After answering these questions, you need to evaluate your resources and draw up a budget (we'll see it through an independent commercial developer, not a major editor, so we skip a few steps) being crucial to staying within the budget. The goal is definitely to make good games, but you can't do it for a long time if you run out of money. The budget will contain the forum that you want to make your product available. It can be through traditional retailers or an online game. In the latter case, you will drastically reduce your costs by offering it online, usually computer games will take the route to download the games. What will you charge for the game, will you offer free download games or will you charge people to play? Free games generate income through advertising, so it is still possible to make money. After answering business questions, you can move on to real development.

Once you have decided what type of game you want and have the approval passed, create a team to create it. Programmers, artists, writers and producers are important (it can sound scary, but at a very low price, individuals can take on more jobs). Make a map of the process, how the user interface looks, a flow chart of how things will evolve, and an arc of history. It is important to focus on the main screen and main components. Make many designs for a main screen and choose the most impressive. How do you want to play? What is unique about it? Why do people continue to play after the credits? People play games for fun, no matter how ambitious your idea is, if it's not fun to play, it's useless. When you have the central design for the whole game, let your manufacturers and programmers believe it.

After creating the game, put it in the hands of the people, and the best way now is to place it online to download it. Download games like Fresh Air Solitaire or Café Mahjong, which are among the most popular media, so their reach is much greater. It is also easier to set up a website than to convince a retailer with limited space to risk an unconscious product. Once this is done, continue marketing the game. The marketing is very broad and can include advertisements on websites, free trials and demonstrations. Try to get as many people as possible about your product. Life in a game is a complex process that involves many facets and a lot of work. But once you've made the product, it's always worth it.

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