Legacy players will rush end-game content

Posted by sarahbulaiman on February 12th, 2014

Yoshida: It’s hard for us to find out who is legitimate and who is not – there are many players with lots of gil who legitimately obtained that ffxiv gold, and if you accidentally delete a character that is not a RMT it will create trouble. The most difficult thing about RMT puppets is that the activities they do are not technically against the rules; anyone can create seven accounts and play nothing but guildleves all day to make gil.

As long as they are doing things that other players are doing, and paying for an account, there is really nothing we can do. When they start botting and using automatic ways of cheating, it is then that we will deal with their characters. If they are just doing standard activities more frequently, it is hard to police them, but those that are active, we will be dealing with them.

Nova Crystallis: Do you worry that Legacy players will rush end-game content – complete it at launch? How do you plan to keep people that do this engaged long-term?
Yoshida: First of all, with the main scenario – just because you’re maybe a Level 50 Legacy player doesn’t mean you’re going to be able to rush through that endgame content – again all of the main scenario battles are going to be level-synced. So, you will have to play through them at the same level as everyone else – even someone who is starting from the beginning. It won’t be too easy to get through all of the main scenario. More Info: http://www.ffxivingil.com

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