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Posted by ricky26 on February 12th, 2014

Beautiful majestical fashion jewelry doesn’t just come from the U.S. or Europe. In fact, some of the most beautiful jewelry you would be privileged to view could come from Yue-Yo Wang, who hails from Taiwan. She’s the founder of Wang Yue-Yo Creative Jewelry Design. What makes her creations so unique is that they incorporate much more than stones and settings. Yue-Yo, a highly accomplished Chinese knotter, has hit upon the idea of creating traditional jewelry with Chinese thread knotting.

A Little Background

Wang Yue-Yo was a traditional Chinese housewife whose husband owned and ran a business. His business was affected by an unforeseen event, which forced her to find a way of making an income so they wouldn’t lose everything.

Before she had to begin working, she had collected artistic Chinese teapots. This collection would soon become Yue-Yo’s way of helping her family. She started a small business that allowed her to sell her collection of teapots, which added some money to the family budget. Yue-Yo also knotted thread, making knotted teapot covers. She also sold some of these, but what she brought in still wasn’t enough. Realizing this, she decided she needed to take her knotting skills to a higher level so she could sell more.

In short time, she became well known as a knot maker. Starting a knotting art education program, she soon had many students. She was still required to put in long hours to earn the money she and her family needed, so she decided to combine modern and quality fashion jewelry making techniques with her knotting art.

About Chinese Knotting

This unusual art is traced back to about 1600 B.C. Knotting used to have a practical application–recording numbers or keeping track of important events. When written records took over, knotting was soon relegated to a decorative status.

Today’s generation has picked up knotting, seeing, and appreciating its fine beauty. The threads used for knotting are made of several kinds of materials and can be used to make jewelry or to make room decor. Because of the growing status of knotting, the Chinese government has set up qualifying exams that allow knot makers to qualify for different knotting levels.

How Yue-Yo Got Her Start

Once Yue-Yo realized she needed to make some changes to her jewelry-making business, she relegated the knot-making to her students while she learned about jewelry design. This turned out to be the best move she could have made, because her new company soon became highly successful. This success continued even when the Great Recession spread around the world.

Her Design Concepts

Yue-Yo always incorporates some kind of Chinese symbol and knotting in her jewelry. Her goal is to create a story with every piece her company makes. Because every gem has a spirit, she tries to learn about that spirit so she can communicate that to potential buyers. She will use jadeite, coral, opal, chalcedony, and tourmaline in her work, with coral being her favorite.

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