Some Tips for Designing Jewelry for Teenagers

Posted by ricky26 on February 12th, 2014

Teens that babysit or have a weekend job have disposable income. Unless they are required to contribute to the family cell phone bill or cover their own vehicle insurance, most of their income, if not all of it, is disposable. This means that jewelry designers have a huge natural market living all over the country, waiting to buy high quality fashion jewelry that speaks to them. “Teen,” in this concept, covers all youth between the ages of 12 and 19. These teens want to highlight their own identify and buy something new.

Look to the Entertainment Industry

Keep up with what all the Big Names in the entertainment industry are sporting. Here, the entertainment industry means those in the music, sports, and movie industries. As a jewelry designer, you want to subscribe to teen-oriented publications. While you’re out shopping, pick up teen magazines and look at what these celebrities are wearing, because the chances are that your teen market will want to wear something similar.

Remember, teens are busy establishing their own identity, separate from their parents and families. If this means they need to look for and buy something similar to what A*M*E*, Ariana Grande or Ella Henderson are wearing, then familiarize yourself with their favorite types of jewelry.

They Won’t Wear Their Parents’ Jewelry

Remember, teens are all about separating from their parents. That is their developmental task as they begin to establish their own identities. Thus, when their parents pick up a piece of jewelry that’s to their taste, thinking, “Hmmm, maybe my daughter would like this,” that’s a sure track to that piece of jewelry residing forever in an underwear drawer, out of sight.

When it comes to creating jewelry specifically for teens, the edgier the better. Feathers, safety pins, leather and even tufts of embroidery thread. As long as it sets the wearer apart for being unusual and eye-catching, the teens you have in mind will snap it up. Pendants, charms, larger dalmatian beads, soda can jewelry on a ribbon and cute, sexy anklets all grab the attention of teens living across the country. Think creatively!

Think Hot Topic

Teens gravitate toward this mall staple every weekend. The edgy, off-the-wall, just plain weird offerings stocked in these stores are snatched up by teens looking for just the right pieces of jewelry to slip on before going to school in the morning.

While the jewelry may seem too funky for anyone to buy, don’t forget that teens everywhere want to create their own identities. This means that, for them, the weirder, the better. For instance, a “Fearless” chain bracelet or Legend of Korra action rubber bracelet may be just what they are looking for. Younger teen girls may adore a Little Mermaid Ariel Shaker necklace.

Exploring Their Spirituality

Believe it or not, teens are exploring their spiritual beliefs. This means that spiritual jewelry items may be important to them as they learn about Buddhism, Judaism, Christianity, or even pagan religions. Incorporate spiritual elements into teen jewelry lines. These include crosses, healing stones, WWJD, Star of David, fish, and crosses. If you’re looking for more information in teen-oriented jewelry, visit the Majestical website to see what you find.

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