Choosing Jewelry for Your Skin Tone

Posted by ricky26 on February 12th, 2014

Nothing quite brings a look together like topping it off with just the right piece of Majestical Jewelry. Pairing the right jewelry to accentuate your skin tone can be the added pizzazz a style calls for. Here are a few tips for choosing the jewelry that best flatters your skin tone. Further helpful tips for this and any other jewelry-related subject can be found at majestical.

Determine Your Skin Tone

This is not difficult at all. Locate an area of skin where your veins are visible. The underside of your wrist or the bend in your elbow will probably be the best locations. If your veins appear blue, you have cool skin tones. Should they appear greenish in hue, you have warm skin tones.

Another way to determine your skin tone is to take a gold piece of fabric, along with a silver piece, and hold each one up to your face in the mirror. You are looking for the color that brightens your complexion the most and naturally look the best.

You employ the same technique when choosing cosmetics. The goal being, as with make-up, to accentuate the already beautiful features you have.

Cool skin tones are typically found on individuals with blue, brown, or gray eyes and that have naturally blonde, brown, or black hair. Cool skin tones are the most common coloring palette.

Warm skin tones are found on folks with brown, black, or hazel eyes and that have naturally red, orange or strawberry blonde hair. These tones may be found on individuals sporting brown hair with a reddish tint as well.

Cool Skin Tone Jewelry

The following is a list of jewelry that complements cool skin tones. Keep in mind however, these are just suggestions, and beauty is ultimately in the eye of the beholder.

• Silver pieces

• Any gemstone color in purple, dark blue or light blue, dark green or light green, red

• Rose quartz (pink in hue) jewelry

• White or pale colored pearls

• Malachite (green to dark green in color with veins of black) gemstones

Warm Skin Tone Jewelry

This list contains the majestical fashion jewelry that complements warm skin tones. As mentioned earlier, has some great tips on this subject as well as all things jewelry-related.

• Gold pieces

• Any gemstone color in dark to light red or amber, dark to light greens, orange, yellow or gold, and browns (earth colors)

• Red or pink beaded coral jewelry

• Turquoise jewelry

• Orange or gold hued pearls

Confidence is the Best Attribute

As mentioned earlier, these are just general suggestions and you, of course, are the best judge to decide what works well for you. A woman with confidence in how she carries herself is just about guaranteed to look polished in whatever she may choose for herself.

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