The Care of One's Jewels

Posted by ricky26 on February 12th, 2014

Many a woman experiences a sense of giddiness when acquiring a new piece of Majestical Jewelry, whether it was a gift or a carefully scrimped and saved for luxury, it matters not. All that does matter at this point is the care and protection of the newly acquired finery.

We can be quite inventive when finding locations to place our jewelry. From fancy, ornate jewelry boxes to the bottom of a can of coffee; and it is not just the ladies – let’s not forget the pirates of yore with all that buried treasure probably still amiss.

History of the Jewelry Box

Elaborate jewelry boxes have been created by skilled craftsmen for centuries. It was not until the Industrial Revolution when jewelry boxes were first mass-produced and made available to the newly created middle class.

By the early 1900s, mail order catalogs began featuring colorful fashion earrings boxes. Sears, Wards, and Marshall Fields were some of the first companies to sell them. Jewelry stores displayed the trendiest styles in various sizes from tiny ring boxes to boxes large enough to store a pair of lady’s gloves.

Antimonial lead was the most common base metal used in the construction of jewelry boxes. They would then be electroplated with copper and finished with either silver or gold. Enamel finished boxes took over in popularity when it was discovered they outlasted silver and gold boxes. Ivory finishes were then introduced in the mid-1900s.

The golden age of jewelry boxes is considered from 1904 to 1918 when they were mass-produced. Jewelry boxes of gold and silver finish were very common. Today’s silver-plated boxes are considered antiques and are very rare. The later crafted ivory-finished boxes are also considered rare and are hard to locate.

Considerations for Your Jewelry Box

A jewelry box is more than just a box. It can be an ornate work of art designed to store and protect precious jewels and treasures. The design and make of a jewelry box creates the ideal setting to showcase your pieces. Here are a few things to consider when choose a jewelry box. For even further tips, please visit majestical.

1. Consider the pieces that make up your collection. Do you have more rings than necklaces? Do you own more gold or silver pieces? Your choice of jewelry box should fit the type of jewelry in your collection and showcase their quality.

2. Make certain to choose a box that has enough room for each piece. Storing pieces too closely can result in them rubbing together which diminishes their worth and appearance.

3. The size of your collection may require using two boxes rather than one. Do you own equal amounts of gold and silver pieces? Forcing an entire collection into one box may make it appear disorganized and mismatched.

It may be easy to fall in love with a majestical fashion necklaces box due to its design but your choice should ultimately depend on your jewelry collection and what fits well with your collection as a whole. Please visit for additional selection advice.

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