Birthstones and Their History

Posted by ricky26 on February 12th, 2014

Birthstones and their meanings have had significance for us for about as long as we have been able to appreciate their beauty in a Majestical Style. Here we are going to touch upon what the meanings of these birthstones are and we shall go month-by-month. Further information surrounding birthstones may also be found at majestical.

The intense deep red Garnet is the traditional birthstone for January. It is associated with purity, truth, and awareness. The stone is said to bolster the person’s insight and commitment, and help remove negativity. It is believed to have curative powers for problems relating to the heart and lungs. It is also infamously known to enhance sexuality and desire.

February falls under the majestic Amethyst. This lilac stone is known to bring peace, balance, courage, calm, and inner strength to its wearer. The curative powers contained in the Amethyst are believed to cure insomnia, addiction, headaches, improve overall health and circulatory issues.

Persons born in March wear the Aquamarine. It is a soothing sea green-blue colored stone that is associated with courage, faithfulness, and friendship. The magical properties of this birthstone are believed to cure throat and stress related ailments.

If you are a girl and born in April, then Diamond’s are truly your best friend. This valuable clear stone is associated with clarity of thought, good luck, and protection. Its special powers are touted at increasing inner strength.

Emerald is the stone for May. This alluring green stone goes hand-in hand with friendship, loyalty, and faithfulness. It is said to bestow upon the wearer qualities of good memory and clairvoyance. Curative powers associated with this stone include problems with eyes, fertility, and the spinal cord.

Pearls are for you if June is your birth month. They are known to bring good luck and protection. Pearls are held closely associated with friendship and loyalty. Wearers of the gemstone jewelry are endowed with purity, chastity, and modesty. Pearls are renowned for healing problems related to the heart, stomach, spleen, and intestines.

Ruby is the gem for those born in July. It is associated with courage and happiness. Rubies are said to enhance energy, bring prosperity to its wearer, and bolster generosity. This brilliant red gem is believed to help with blood purification and inducing positive thoughts.

Peridot, the evening emerald, is the birthstone of August. This light green wonder stands for power, love, fame, and truth. The Peridot is known to cure sinus related health problems and to bring about prosperity, growth, and openness.

September falls under the sway of the sophisticated Sapphire. Sincerity and constancy, along with clairvoyance and insight, are associated with this gem. Sapphires are believed to help lower fever, ease inflammations and burns, and bestow clear thinking and wisdom upon its wearer.

The traditional birthstone for October is the Opal. This stone is symbolically seen to enhance visualization, imagination, healing, and dreams. This gem is believed to help problems related to the eyes.

Topaz, found in shades of yellow and brown, is the traditional stone for November. It is believed to bless the wearer with friendship, strength, and constancy. It is associated with sanity, insomnia, gout, asthma and brings about happiness and spiritual reawakening.

Finally, for those born in the last month of the year, December, we have the Turquoise. This stone is believed to help the wearer cope with communication, protect against disease, and help with strengthening. It is also believe to enhance creativity and serenity.

Birthstones have been seen as powerful objects since ancient times. I hope this article gave you a little insight into what your birthstone may have in store for you. To read more about the stone you were born under please visit majestical.

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