Office chair casters prove to be a survivor of the fittest!

Posted by jemivel322 on October 11th, 2020

The simplest and most common wheels are installed on office chairs. These little twin wheels have revolutionized the office environment. For such a simple component, its pedigree is quite impressive. It is well reported that Darwin himself was one of the first known scientists and innovators to place wheels on his chair in his laboratory, to get to his samples more quickly! Darwin's groundbreaking book, The Origin of Species, was published more than 150 years ago, but little did he know that it meant the dawn of the office chair on wheels!

This unpretentious chair with recognizable twin wheels has become a symbol for all office workers around the world! The advent of the industrial revolution and the expansion of traditional family businesses meant an increasing emphasis on administrative tasks. More staff were required to manage the accounting and administrative tasks. Over the years, more emphasis was placed on staff well-being, a cultural focus on office environments, and, in the 1970s, the emergence of a new buzzword "ergonomics." This new approach developed the importance of wheels attached to office chairs. The development led to chairs designed specifically for office workers who spend most of the day sitting.

In no way was the simple office chair on wheels an accident. This was a targeted strategic design. The more comfortable an office worker is in his chair, the more work an employer can get out of him! Office chairs are defined as mounted on swivel casters and with backs and bases that maximize comfort. The swivel casters allow the chair to move in all directions, allowing the worker to reach various locations within their work area while seated. Again, simpler components like caster wheels can help productivity. The ergonomically designed seat and back are designed for maximum comfort and can often be adjusted to fit every shape and size.

According to leading health and safety organizations, one of the most important considerations in what makes a chair "ergonomic" is the presence of a five-point base mounted on swivel casters. These twin wheels are usually made of hard nylon, which is best suited for carpeted offices. Rubber casters are available for use on harder floors and locking casters can be installed if the chair needs to be stationary for safety. Other factors that affect the comfort of office chairs on wheels would be the backrest, armrest, seat base, and the ability to tilt and alter the height and angles of the chair.

Who are we to discuss with the health and safety experts? Charles Darwin's ingenious decision to add casters to his lab chair has meant that office workers around the world can benefit from the comfort of a wheeled office chair. The simple office chair has become a symbol of our modern world. Survival of the fittest not only in nature but also in business!

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