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Posted by ricky26 on February 12th, 2014

Susan Helmich is an artist with a reputation to do the unexpected in the world of Majestical Style jewelry. Her innovative metalworking techniques have carved out a niche for which she will always be seen the visionary of. She is a genius with goldsmithing.

Focus Found

She was born in Los Angeles, CA in 1951. She has stated that while growing up she was a child of curiosity and had an investigative mind. She was entranced with both nature and technology.

Susan focused on art history and painting in college but after she decided to take a metal smithing class, she knew she had found her true passion. She was fascinated by the history and evolution of metalwork techniques.

Inspiration Everywhere

Her design inspiration is so clearly evoked in her work. One can see the historical origins and appreciation for such things as natural elements, the seashore, sea life, and seafaring vessels. Her canvas is a palette of precious metals and fine colored gems.

Music is clearly another inspiration of hers. Her favorite collection, “Rhapsody in Blue,” was her translation and means of expressing the generation of music she experienced while growing up. She has stated of that collection: “Each piece was created in the same subtle sculptural beauty found in stringed instruments.”

Susan has that rare gift of truly emoting through her art. Her “Angels with Attitude” collection beautifully showcases this. Angel shaped brooches, pendants, pins and lapels all artfully invoke meaning for those who wear them. “I view high quality fashion jewelry as personal sculpture, and therefore, a vehicle of communication in its most primitive form,” Susan has said in an interview with runwaylive.

Another collection of hers, “Seasons” is designed with her favorite colors, all vibrant, all beautiful – orange, green and purple. It is a collection of mini and full size pendants that can be worn year-round. They are reversible and available in yellow or white gold. Each pendant does indeed capture the quintessence of the time of year it symbolizes - so dazzlingly.


It is so great to see the work of this artist so well received and recognized. She has been awarded the MJSA “American Designer of the Year” 1991 and Women’s Jewelry Association “Design Excellence Award” 1996 to name a few. Three years running, 1990, 1991 and 1992, the Japan International Pearl Association design competition awards were hers too.

A Leader

She was elected and served as the President of the American Jewelry Design Council 2000-2003, as well as being involved in the Jewelry Industry Council and the Contemporary Design Group.

Susan’s leadership in maintaining hand fabricated work and innovative designs in her industry are extraordinary. No one artist can claim the artistic talent she has with 18KT gold, pearls, and fantasy-cut gems.

The Future is Bright

This design veteran of import has no plans to slow down. She currently travels between her homes in Colorado and Arizona to run Opus Fine Jewelry in Scottsdale, AZ. The gallery is home to her “Seasons” and “Angels with Attitude” lines. We are all fortunate that her fine jewelry work will remain firmly as a leader of the market. For more Information about Majestical Jewelry please visit Majestical.

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