Jamie 'Fifty Shades of Grey' Character Christian Jogs in Head-to-Toe Grey Outfit

Posted by BrielleFoster on February 12th, 2014

It can be officially declared that Jamie Dornan as Christian Grey is hot. And if you want a certificate to prove this, just wait till the 13th of February 2015 when the film hits the theatres. The actor, who took over the mantle of playing the role of the successful entrepreneur, Christian Grey, from another television actor, Charlie Hunnam, has been seen only in crisp shirts and sharp suits and ties, treated onlookers to his sculpted physique in a fetching gray jogging gear. After all, fitness is something very close to both Jamie and Christian.

Jogging in the rain in gray gear definitely made a few hearts skip a beat as the actor took to the streets while shooting the exercise regimen of the dark, deep and brooding Seattle businessman, Christian Grey. With those icy blue eyes staring right at the camera and the sinister yet childlike smile plastered across his face, Jamie looked every bit as the Christian Grey he is meant to portray on the screen. But we have to give the casting team the praise and the pat on the backs they deserve for such a find.

The actor , was fortunately or unfortunately, not the first choice to play the ‘Marquis-De-Sade’ character of a man who has a penchant for painful lovemaking, or in other words, BDSM lovemaking. Watching the 31 year old actor jog in the rain must have a treat and an eyeful for his fans, especially the female ones. The actor is a perfect choice to play the role also because he has a playful and genuine chemistry with his co-star, Dakota Johnson, who plays Grey’s submissive partner Anastasia Steele.

Even in the scenes of Fifty Shades Movie that they have already shot, like the ‘Cafe shot’ or the ‘Contract Scene’ or even the ‘Bike Scene’ the couple have shown enough chemistry, and the word is also going around that  Jamie is ‘overprotective’ towards the 24 year old. The scenes, in which they get a little or a lot naughty,are shot inside a studio, and if you want to know what kind of chemistry they have between the sheets, a little wait will do you good.

The 50 shades of grey movie, which will have a Valentine’s Day release in 2015, is a tale of an uncommon love story between a self made businessman and a virginal college graduate, Anastasia Steele, who falls for the charms and the seductions of this billionaire. In the department of looks, Jamie Dornan ticks off in all the right boxes and when the movie has been adapted from an erotic novel, written by Erica James, need we say more about how appropriate Jamie Dornan is in the film?  

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