New to the Jewelry Industry: 3D-Printed Jewelry

Posted by ricky26 on February 12th, 2014

This may make you think, “paper jewelry? What is this world coming to?” Actually, you can look at jewelry from the comfort of your home this way. No more do you have to gaze endlessly at a 2D image, trying to figure out whether what you have created is exactly what you want. Some companies are beginning to use 3D printing to enable their customers to create their own pieces of jewelry, which is less expensive than making those pieces in a hit-and-miss process.

3D Printing–What It Is

With 3D printing, you are able to create a piece of gemstone jewelry, from your home. Without having to ask a jeweler to create a piece of jewelry, then finding that a design element you included didn’t work, you’re able to create that piece of jewelry and add the gemstones or pearls you want in the jewelry.

You’ll also be able to create the ring or necklace you’ve always dreamed of finding, buying and wearing. If you want a Tahitian pearl of a particular size or if you want sterling silver, you’ll be able to create that, and then view a wax model of your jewelry.

How This Process Helps Customers

It used to be that, when a customer had a jewelry design request, they had to describe their wishes and draw the design out with pen and paper. Neither one of these communication methods was very exact. Using these not-precise methods of describing what the customer wanted, the jeweler tried to create a piece of jewelry that fit the customer’s specifications. It wasn’t often that he got the item right on the first try.

Now, customers can click, drag, and drop different design elements into the piece of jewelry they are creating. The jewelry store’s website receives the design request and creates a model, which the customer comes in to preview. If it is to his specifications, the jeweler is now free to move ahead with making the actual piece of jewelry, which will be exactly to the customer’s order.

The 3D Printing Process

After receiving the Internet order, the jeweler creates a wax model of the jewelry using a Solidscape T76 3D printer. From there, a thermoplastic sculpture is created using the wax model. Next, a mold of either silicone, latex or rubber is made. This mold holds the molten silver or gold that is used to make the piece of jewelry.

Because of the success of the initial 3D printing process, jewelers can anticipate creating even more intricate jewelry designs with this process. Here, it will use a process called “sintering,” which enables it to move straight from the digital file to gold metal by using the additive manufacturing process. The gold powder is struck by the light of a high-powered laser, which causes the metal to heat up and fuse onto the main form. In this way, the process adds layer after layer until the full piece has been completed.

How 3D Printing Can Help the Jeweler

Now, the jeweler can create and offer even more selections of quality fashion bracelets and other jewelry in every budget range. When he knows that his customer wants to make a change to existing products, he will be able to help them out rather than having to see the customer go elsewhere. To Learn about Majestical Jewelry on the 3D printing process, visit

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