Meet Danielle Yadegar, New Jewelry Designer

Posted by ricky26 on February 12th, 2014

You could say that, for Danielle Yadegar, designing fine jewelry is all in the family. She grew up in a jewelry-designing family. Her father, Devis designs high-end jewelry for a private clientele located all over the world. Yadegar didn’t push his children into designing jewelry, but he did ensure that they knew everything they needed to know if they decided they wanted to begin designing. Danielle got her start when a friend asked her to create a unique engagement ring. This was when she really thought seriously about making Majestical Jewelry design her career.

Her Early Years

Danielle Yadegar was exposed to the fine jewelry designing business from an early age. She grew up hearing the details of deals her father made with his clients. She picked up on the fine details from her father as well.

Yadegar didn’t go to a fashion design school, nor did she receive formal training. However, because she was raised around jewelry and jewelry design, she was familiar with the work. She and her family traveled to several countries, attending jewelry shows, deepening her exposure to the world of beautiful fashion earrings design.

The Bea Millen Line

Yadegar’s work is feminine and delicate. She designs turquoise necklaces, heart cuffs, and sapphire rings, along with other types of pieces. She named her jewelry line Bea Millen, honoring both her grandmother and great-aunt. Their sense of elegance and style inspired Yadegar to create her line, which she started in March 2012.

Since that start, nearly two years ago, she has gained wide national exposure and sold over 700 items from her jewelry line. Some celebrities who have spotted and bought her jewelry include Marisa Zanuck and Carly Rae Jepsen, who has been photographed wearing a Bea Millen diamond heart bracelet on the January 2013 cover of Cosmopolitan, according to the LA Times. Zanuck has been seen on “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills,” wearing Yadegar’s bracelets. Her line is found at the Moondance Gallery, located in Santa Monica, California. Her website,, also features her work.

What Inspires Her

Yadegar wants to make beautiful jewelry that both girls and women can wear with every day attire. She wants them to feel comfortable wearing her pieces. Every item she creates is a piece of fine jewelry that, if well cared for, can become heirloom pieces that can be handed down from mother to daughter and on down the line.

Selling Her First Piece

Yadegar didn’t seriously think of designing jewelry as a career until she was asked to design that engagement ring for her friend. It still took another nudge for her to actually decide to go into the family business.

Yadegar designed a delicate bracelet made from yellow and rose gold. She was wearing that bracelet when she stopped in the ladies room of a Neiman Marcus store and was asked by a fellow shopper if she would sell the bracelet to her, right from her wrist. Naturally, Yadegar agreed to do so. This was her first-ever sale of her own piece of quality fashion jewelry. What’s more, that customer called Yadegar later that day, asking for a second piece of jewelry. It was this encounter that led her to decide to begin designing jewelry seriously. To learn more about fine jewelry, visit the Majestical website.

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