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Posted by adairsawyer on February 12th, 2014

After communism exited Albania in 1992 the economy of the country went through a sea change. From the economy being governed through tight controllership the fall of Communism led to the economy being opened up. At the same time Albania as a country also opened up to the world. Throughout the 90s the country went through several strives but with the dawn of the new millennium it is now one of the best places to be in. The Albania property market is now well worth investing in. An Albania estate can be bought for use or simply for investment.

Tirana is the obvious choice for buying Albania property. It is not only the political capital of the country but also the financial capital. Of the total 2.8 million people in Albania more than four hundred thousand reside in Tirana. And if you consider the larger metropolitan area of Tirana then this number reaches close to eight hundred thousand. Tirana is a modern city that is coming to terms with the liberal environment in the country. A lot of development has already happened and an even larger Albania estate concentration can be expected.

Apart from Tirana the other place where one would want to invest in property is Sarande. If someone wants to visit Corfu travelling from Sarande is most convenient. There is also the Albanian Riviera area where Vlore is the best place to invest in real estate.  Vlore is a paradise for beach lovers. This is an ideal resort town that attracts tourists throughout the year. The other place to invest in Albania property is Durres. Durres is a port town and the third largest town on the Albanian coast. It is also a popular resort.

The tourism scene in Albania is at an all time high thanks to the country getting a Top 10 ranking in 2011 from Lonely Planet. If someone wants to invest in Albania property this is the time for it. The Albania estate developers are trying to make the most of the changed political scenario in the country and the rates are rising as new developments are coming up in all the prime locations in the country.

If you are interested in buying property in Albania you should first look for a real estate lawyer than an Albania estate developer or dealer. Ensure that you find a lawyer that is not connected to the real estate developers. The usual documentation is requires for buying land titles but there are no restrictions in terms of foreign citizenship. Stamp duty is not required and the contract can be signed in the presence of a notary. if you cannot be there during the signing you can give power of attorney to your lawyer to do the signing on your behalf.

You can find various Albania estate websites where you can look up the best Albania property for sale. Choose your location, compare the prices and go for the purchase. This is absolutely the best time for investment in Albania.

Are you thinking about investing in Albania property? The time is absolutely ripe. Albania estate investment now would make you rake in profits in future.

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