Top Silver Jewelry Designers That Could Rock Your World

Posted by ricky26 on February 12th, 2014

Silver is one of the most versatile materials ever used in the jewelry industry. It has led to the creation of millions of vintage and contemporary masterpieces that look good on anyone and give a unique, personal touch to any kind of outfit. Silver jewelry pieces are easy to mix and match and can be worn at any given point in time.

They go well with an all-denim outfit, but can also accentuate the distinctive elegance of a cocktail dress. Clearly, silver necklaces, quality fashion earrings, rings, and pendants are a long-term investment. As long as they are cared for in a correct manner, they can easily stand the test of time and preserve their beauty for many years to come.

Silver embellishments are anything but boring. You just have to analyze a plentitude of appealing options and select the ones that match your personality, your taste, and your personal style. To narrow down your search, start by browsing the creations of some of the most inspiring silver charms designers who are adorned by a diverse, stylish clientele. Or better yet, if you are looking for more sources of inspiration, start by visiting

1) Alex Woo
When you think about silver jewelry signed by Alex Woo, you immediately think about pieces that display a superior craftsmanship, with a thoughtful function, amazing finishing, made from premium material. These creations are worldwide famous for their classic originality, mixed with a sleek sophistication, designed to be worn night and day.

2) Ariva
Arrive fine jewelry pieces are carefully elaborated to address the needs of the liberated, confident, feminine wearers. The silk texture is the company’s signature. Silk waves enhance the brightness of the sterling silver used in the manufacturing process, by maximizing its reflective qualities. Diamond accents and colorful, valuable gemstones are sometimes utilized to boost the company’s iconic models and please even the pickiest buyers who are interested in finding luxury items that exceed their highest expectations, in terms of design and craftsmanship.

3) Bastian Inverun
Bastian Inverun silver jewelry elements are well liked for their elevated standards of quality and perfection. Every single accessory signed by this company reflects an incredible attention to detail and a genuine passion for luxury jewelry adorned with diamonds and precious gemstones that make the unique and truly appealing in the eyes of a large segment of buyers. These accessories are manufactured using modern tools and the latest technology; nonetheless, gems are mounted by hand, by skilled artists who take pride in their versatile finishes.

4) Claudia Lira
Claudia Lira is in love with sterling silver charms for the most obvious reasons: she simply adores its malleability, color, and nobility. All these elements turn silver into a highly versatile material used to manufacture artful jewelry with a compelling story. The designer plays with different forms, shapes, and dimensions to create wearable masterpieces. She is famous for her modern, pristine jewelry items, obtained after mixing stones with precious metals.

If you are interested in discovering the unique charm of jewelry collections that are truly remarkable, visit and get inspired.

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