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Posted by Johny Dean on February 12th, 2014

Repairing a watch could seem like a problem to all those who enjoy having a timepiece with them all the time, but the truth is that the most common issues that occur in relation to watches are very easy to solve by a skilled professional.

One of the first watch repairs Liverpool or watch repair Merseyside that needs to be undertaken a year or a year and a half after purchasing the watch is the replacement of its battery. Pay attention to the warranty offered by the watchmaker; usually, the warranty is longer than a year.

If it is the first time when you replace your watch battery, understand that by sending your watch to an unauthorised watch repair centre, you could void the warranty. Therefore, ask the watch dealer from the beginning what repair centres are authorised to perform repairs on their products.

If the product is no longer covered by the warranty, you can have your watch battery replaced by any professional working at a watch repair centre. Still, it would be preferable to search for a craftsperson that is highly praised and appreciated in your circle of friends.

Another common watch repair refers to the fixing of a watch band. Those who use both their hands at work, or wear their watch on the wrist that is mainly used at work, need to have their watch band fixed pretty often. This operation should be performed only by a specialist.

Also regarding the band of a watch, it has to be said that ladies have their watch bands adjusted more often than men, due to weight changes. A woman goes to more weight shifts during her life, therefore she needs to have her watch band adjusted more often.

People who do not want to go to a watch repair centre very often to add or remove a metal link to or from their watch band should consider getting a leather band, that is more comfortable and does not accumulate dirt that easily as a metal band.

Still, a leather band may not be appropriate for the type of watch that you are wearing, so replacing the metal band with a leather one could not be the best solution. In this case, make sure to wear different watches on different occasions, and preserve their beauty for more time.

Other common watch repairs Liverpool and watch repairs Merseyside refer to adding pins to hold the links of a metal band better, replacing broken components, cleaning the circuitry inside the watch, and eliminating grime from lug holes and connection points.

Depending on the nature of the repair, you can have your watch back in a matter of minutes (battery replacement or watch crystal replacement) or in a few weeks, if the problem is unknown and requires some time to be discovered, and then solved.

Regarding the price, if the repair is easy, the price is low, if it is complicated, the price is high. Of course, it depends on the brand and model as well, but usually this is the rule. The most expensive watch repairs are general reconstructions.

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