How To Maximize The Performance Of Your Portable Solar Panel?

Posted by proflexiblesolar on February 13th, 2014

The portable solar power Phoenix AZ can be of two types, portable solar panels and the portable battery chargers. Both of these things feature the latest battery and solar technology. These days, the demand of the portable electronics is developing day by day and the scenario is also changing in the incredibly rapid way.

This is the reason why, a number of companies have emerged in the market with the best quality portable Solar products Phoenix NZ with the help of the innovation and thorough research. Let’s learn about some essential tips that make sure that the performance of the portable solar panel will be enhanced.

· Make sure the portable solar panel is safely fastened: In case you are carrying the portable solar panel to any camp or picnic with you, then don’t forget to fasten the portable solar panel safely to the ground, to the tent, or in any other place from where it comes in direct contact with the sun. This would also prevent the strong gust or the wind from blowing around the panel or damaging the panel. Each of the solar panels features the sturdy eyelets, which are designed to secure the solar panels. But while attaching the solar panels with the rope or the cord, make sure you don’t over tighten the panel as it would provide unnecessary pressure on the portable solar panel.

· If possible, then try to angle the panel directly at the sun: This thing can maximize the output of the power, which is mainly important during the winter days as it helps in charging the solar chargers Phoenix AZ as the sun remains in the lower angle of the sky. The majority of the solar panels come with the anti reflective finishes/coatings on the cell so these would only work better if they are aimed directly at the sun.

· Make sure that the solar panels are getting maximum exposure: It means that your solar charger doesn’t get shades at the day time and it gets properly charged so that it can charge your battery pack or device. The Best Solar Panel Chargers Phoenix AZ mainly take 4 – 5 hours to charge. So, during this time you need to be sure about where the sun would move during this period and ensure that the sun doesn’t pass behind any type of obstacles like building or tree. It is essential to move the panel chargers a few times to keep it in full sun.

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