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Posted by JulyRed on February 13th, 2014

One of the issues with many customers is when they return purchased goods. No seller is happy about getting sold goods returned to them. However, the good ones don’t create issues because they are scared of the consequences. Today when anyone and everyone can scribble online and anyone can find out the scribbles it’s extremely important for any seller to handle their customers properly. Online clothing websites with negative customer testimonials can go out of business in no time. On the other hand, an online clothing boutique with good reputation in the market is able to retain customers even when they make some mistakes.

One of the biggest mistakes sellers make is when they value their prospective customers more before converting them into actual customers. Any customer, potential or actual, needs to have a positive experience dealing with a seller but one cannot differentiate between a prospect and a customer. No professional online clothing boutique would do that. The best online clothing websites actually make it a point to treat their existing customers extremely well because these are the customers that bring in new business.

But is the seller wrong all the time? Doesn’t it happen often when the customer is at fault? It’s common to see customers creating issues out of nothing simply because they didn’t go through the terms and conditions of shopping properly. As a customer one has to give some slack to the seller. You cannot expect to wake up one fine morning and decide to return a t-shirt because you don’t like it anymore. Which seller do you expect would be happy if they had to face this situation?

As a customer that shops from online clothing websites these are points that you need to focus on all the time. A professional online clothing boutique will always have their terms and conditions listed prominently on the website. Because you cannot try out clothes when you shop online it is possible that what you bought doesn’t fit you properly. In any case you should research enough prior to shopping to ensure that you buy clothes of the right size but mistakes do happen and they can happen to you as well. But what you need to think about is – are you following the return and refund policies of the seller?

There are some common statements that you see in the various online clothing websites. You will see that returns are not possible on sale items or that there is no return allowed on undergarments and stockings and some other similar items. Any online clothing boutique will also tell you by when you should return a bought item so that a replacement or refund is possible. These are important pieces of information that you should be aware of.

Shopping from an online clothing boutique will always give you immense pleasure. However, before shopping from any of the online clothing websites you should go through the terms and conditions. This will ensure that you are not unhappy as a customer.

One cannot always blame an online clothing boutique when they face issues with return and refund. As a customer one must know about the terms and conditions of online clothing websites so that they have the best shopping experience.

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