How the online boutique clothing stores are working on customer loyalty

Posted by JulyRed on February 14th, 2014

Customer loyalty has become more important for online boutique clothing stores than ever before. As more customers now prefer to shop online for apparel there is a mad race among the retailers to grab a piece of the pie of online shopping. Doing the same thing that everyone else is doing is not what the best retailers are doing. They are making these small differences to their customers and this is why the best online boutique stores are getting separated from the best.

A recent survey revealed that what customers want most from online shopping is fast and free delivery and this is where many online boutique stores have faltered. While these stores have scaled up their frontend operations they have lagged behind in backend operations. So, they are taking those orders thick and fast but they are taking time to process those orders. This is where companies like Amazon are creating customer loyalty and the most sensible apparel retailers are going the Amazon way.

There are online stores that are now offering in-store pick up options where customers can walk into their store and pick up what they bought. This has also brought down delivery and processing times.

Delivery packaging is not something most customers mention but the best online boutique clothing stores are totally focusing on this aspect of online shopping. Professional delivery packaging not only creates that professional image in the minds of the customers but it can also generate brand awareness and loyalty. When a customer receives a nicely packaged item they naturally feel more inclined to shop from the retailer again.

Many online boutique stores are also offering goodies to their loyal customers. These goodies are available in the form of discount coupons, free delivery and even free passes to various events. Again this is just one element of customer loyalty but there are online boutique clothing stores are making the most out of this element.

Customization has become one of the main elements in online shopping and there are many online boutique clothing stores that are allowing their customers to customize as per their choice. This, however, is just one element of customer loyalty and if you ask most customers would still say that they are ok without being able to customize their clothes. All they want to see are top of the line products that they would love to buy.

The story is clear for the online boutique clothing stores and it’s that they need to do more for their customers. Since the platform of the internet is the most open of all any customer can talk what they want to talk and there is no one that can stop them from doing so. Alienating a customer could mean alienating an entire community of them. Hence, for all the online boutique stores it’s all about innovating to generate customer loyalty and keeping them. The more they stay with a particular retailer the more business they are going to generate for them through direct purchasing and referencing.

For the well known online boutique clothing stores customer loyalty is what is making the difference. The best online boutique stores are doing things new and doing things better to make their customers feel more loyal to their brands.

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