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Posted by JulyRed on February 14th, 2014

The maxi is a dress that almost every woman loves. The reason being that the maxi can be worn irrespective of the body shape and size. Whether someone is lean or on the heavier side there are appropriate maxi dresses available for every woman. When you visit some of the online clothing boutiques you find maxis in all types. When we say types we mean cut, fabric and price and more.

It is said that Oscar de la Renta created the first maxi. Even though maxi dresses became more popular in the 70s and they are mostly associated with this decade the fact is that these dresses first came into the fashion world in the 60s. During the 70s maxis really became the favorite creations of all the top designer brands including Pierre Cardin, YSL and Christian Dior among others. Some of the designers took inspiration from the Moroccan caftans and added more to their maxis. During this decade the maxi appeared in all styles - flowing in style, in psychedelic, abstract colors and even in paisley prints.

The 80s saw the maxi going out of fashion completely and there was a slight revival during the 90s. It was in 2006 that someone spotted Kate Moss in a stunning maxi and suddenly the rage was back. Starting 2007 maxi dresses had a complete turnaround in fortunes and these dresses have never looked back since.

When you visit any of the top online clothing boutiques be sure to visit the section on maxis. With maxis you can never go out of style. Of course, maxis cannot be used as office wear but consider any social event and you can look stunning in a maxi.

Choosing the best maxi for you is always a slight challenge but it's all about its length. If you are planning to wear high heeled footwear you should buy a longer maxi. For flat soles you need a slightly shorter length maxi. This is for the reason that maxi dresses shouldn't sweep the ground behind you. The ideal of a maxi is till the ankle and this is what you need to consider when you plan to buy your maxi. Thankfully the top online clothing boutiques are aware of this and they create the ideal length maxis. And even if you feel that your maxi is longer than it should be simply get it altered.

We're already in February of 2014 and in a few months summer will be here. The top designers and the top online clothing boutiques are already out with their latest collection of maxis. This is the ideal time for you to have a look at the various collections and choose your maxis. These are ideal for summer months.

Whoever said short women cannot wear maxi dresses got it all wrong. Shorter women need to buy maxis that have more tailored silhouettes and they should be fine. And there should be no issue finding such maxis in the best online clothing boutiques in the US.

With maxi dresses no woman can go wrong with her fashion. This is the reason why all the top online clothing boutiques have such wide range of maxis to choose from.

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