Rope dart ? A soft weapon for self-defense

Posted by johnssmith00 on February 14th, 2014

There was a time in China when soft weapons were very popular among martial arts practitioners. Today, weapons like the meteor hammer and rope dart are not that common as before, but they are still used in some training regimens of traditional martial arts, and they can still prove their effectiveness in self-defense.

In fact, this is the entire purpose of a martial art: to help people protect themselves better. Martial arts appeared when people needed a higher level of protection against any threat of harm. They were not created to promote murders or other forms of crime, because this is not part of the martial arts philosophy.

A rope dart is basically a sash made of silk and features two small pockets at each end, where the practitioner can place anything from sand bags to steel balls. For training, specialists recommend sashes that have gummy bears at their ends, since stronger items could seriously injure or even kill those who learn the art of the sash.

In the past, rope darts were made from hard materials, that is why it was very difficult to master them. It is still complicated to control a weapon like this, but it has become easier than before, because nowadays rope darts feature softer materials. To learn about such weapon, those interested should contact a personal trainer Shanghai.

Although there are many videos and written recommendations on how to use rope darts, there is nothing like a personal trainer Shanghai, showing you all the twining, hitting, shooting, binding and other techniques that can be performed with this weapon, in order to immobilize your opponent.

To master soft weapons used in martial arts, one must possess an excellent hand-eye ordination, a very good physical stamina, and fast reflexes, to counterattack any sudden move of his opponent. Rope darts can be used from the immediate reach of a person or from a very long distance, therefore an accurate sight is important as well.

Soft weapons can be used not only for self-defense, improving your stamina, or losing some weight, but also for competitions that regard object manipulations. Practitioners who use rope darts seem integrated in a complicated and very well choreographed dance, providing their spectators with an amazing visual display and an impressive performance.

A rope like this is unpredictable, complex, and can prove to be a worthy adversary to the untrained. There is no secret recipe for mastering a soft weapon, like the sash. To be able to control it, you must become one with its flow, understand it and behave like it during the training, and afterwards, during competitions or shows.

Are you attracted to martial arts and want to try something new? Consider learning the use of a rope dart, an ancient soft weapon used in martial arts that has been recently revived by a reputed personal trainer Shanghai. He is a martial artist, self-defense specialist, weightlessness consultant and soft weapons expert. To find out more about his services, you are invited to visit his website.


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