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Posted by SharonEvans on February 15th, 2014

It is well-known that since it has been invented, fire has been a real threat to some people, causing serious accidents in which many persons have died instantly. This is the main reason why people have invented lots of methods in which fire can be combated in order not to produce any damage. These methods are innumerable and are quite known by the majority of people, because they are used every day when necessary. Along with the common extinguishers, we can use intumescent paint, because it is very efficient and it is much appreciated nowadays. This kind of paint is not like the common one, because it does not burn, offering you enough time to get out of the building which is in fire and save your family too. With the right intumescent paint contractors, you will be able to fireproof your property in a very efficient way.

You can easily find companies that have some great intumescent paint contractors who can offer you their best services, but if you want to pay for high quality services, you should resort to the specialists from FST Services. This company is well-known in the domain of intumescent coatings, due to the fact that since 1994, they have offered only excellent services and fireproof products to all of their customers. Also, they pride themselves with the great works that they have completed up to this day, which sums up more than 53 million pounds contracts with various clients. They have never disappointed their customers and they have always been attentive to details and very hard-working.

Even though there are other companies that work in this domain in your area, you should definitely resort to Fire & Smoke Technology Services, because you will benefit from premium quality services offered by well-prepared specialists in this field. They know how dangerous fire can be in many situations and they are willing to help you protect your house from getting seriously damaged, by offering you their best services and their best quality intumescent paint, which is used for keeping the fire in a single room and keeping it from extending.

The company mentioned above has gained lots of trust from their previous customers, due to the fact that they have always offered them impeccable services and products in order to make sure that their properties are fully protected in case a fire starts by accident. The specialists from FST Services are able to provide you services of firestopping, steelwork protection, soffit insulation, air sealing and many others which are essential in the combat with the destructive fire. You should visit their website,, if you need more info about the company and about their previous work. For further questions, feel free to send them an email at or call them at 01425 628479 or 020 7118 0191.

All in all, if you need some great intumescent paint and one of the best intumescent paint contractors in your area, you should definitely contact the company mentioned above.

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