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Posted by brianaharry on February 15th, 2014

You probably can’t even figure out how you ended up in this situation, but there you are, several wrong choices and you are facing a lawsuit, risking several months or even years of imprisonment. You wish you could make things better, but you have no idea how, so you simply wait to receive and serve your punishment. It doesn’t have to be that way: if you want to chance, look for diversion programs.

Even if state prisons have departments of correction and criminal rehabilitation programs, they rarely actually work in that sense. Being found guilty and serving time is definitely a life changing experience for any individual and, unfortunately, in most cases, it proves to be a change for the worse. No matter how difficult it might be to someone who has had a pretty good life and has managed to go by the rules to understand that committing a mistake, as serious as it may be, does not necessarily prove you are a bad person, the truth is that, precisely because one has a defined value system – be it Christian or Islamic or belonging to a different religion or be it democratic or non-religious, non-political humanist set of values –, one has to admit every person’s right to a second chance. And that is what diversion programs are all about.

What you have to do is talk to your lawyer and see whether a private institution providing criminal rehabilitation programs could be an option in your case. As long as the law allows you to make this choice, there is no reason why you wouldn’t try to get into one of the various diversion programs offered by such institutions, whether you are looking for an alternative to jail or whether you want to reduce your sentence. It is your chance to turn things for the better for yourself, for your family and your friends, for your community. It is a chance to make a change for your future and that is in a very practical sense: among other things, you can attend classes and workshops, continue your education, make your plans for a career you will pursue once you have served your time.

Such diversion programs offer you the moral and psychological support that you need. This is, in fact, one of the most important parts of criminal rehabilitation programs. You can benefit from counseling and participate to lectures and seminars that focus on finding your piece, building your self-esteem and taking action for a better future. Such activities will help you find the motivation and the strength that you most likely need to make things right. But even more importantly, you don’t have to worry about getting lost again once you regain you freedom, because you will continue to benefit from counseling, through the internet. Keep in mind that this is not only for your own good: if you really want to pay your debt to society, don’t resign and live your days in a state prison – financed by the money your family and friends and fellow citizens pay in taxes – without doing anything. Make things right by receiving the help that you need and to which you are entitled, as a human being.

Don’t give up, look for criminal rehabilitation programs. Find out more about diversion programs and make a change in your life.

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