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Posted by tedmark on February 15th, 2014

If you have the money to buy a new car why would you lease a car? This is one common question that you may hear when you opt for private car leasing. But there must be some good reasons for people to opt for car leasing because the car leasing figures in the country are rather on the higher side now. Today you also get nationwide car leasing insurance that ensures that your vehicle and you are safe when you are out on the road. But this is just one reason why it makes sense to lease a car.

One of the primary reasons why people opt for private car leasing is that they can drive their choice cars without paying the high ownership cost. When you plan to buy a Mercedes or a BMW or a Jaguar the monthly instalments for ownership are easily in four figures. However, when you opt to lease one such car, even the top models, you pay a fraction of what you would pay to own that vehicle. Moreover, you can switch between top cars every two or three years and this is a pleasure every man wants to have. This is perhaps the most important benefit of nationwide car leasing and this is why one for every four new cars registered is a leased car.

The other reason to opt for nationwide car leasing is peace of mind. When you opt for private car leasing you are usually given a package deal. You pay a lump sum amount upfront and the monthly EMIs take care of leasing the car. The package would usually cover insurance, GAP insurance for instance, and this means that you can drive your car safely. If there is an accident or you have your car stolen it is covered by the insurance policy. And since you know it's not your own car that got damaged or stolen your stress level is slightly lower.

Every vehicle depreciates in value over time and basis its mileage. When you buy a new car there is hardly any value left after about 10 years because of this depreciation. However, you continue to incur more costs as the car gets older. With private car leasing such issues don't worry you at all. At the same time the dealer makes a profit through nationwide car leasing. All in all everyone benefits from this kind of car leasing arrangement.

More new cars are being sold in the UK as the country seems to have finally found the growth path after a few years. Car sales figures rose by more than 10% in 2013 compared to 2012. This is the perfect time to buy a new car for yourself. But think again - would you really want to own a new car and pay more for it when you have the option of private car leasing? The providers of nationwide car leasing have some really amazing offers and it's well worth having a look at these offers.

Nationwide car leasing is so popular because it offers peace of mind. With private car leasing you can own a car without the hassles associated with car ownership.

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