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Posted by AllmaJess on February 16th, 2014

A boutique is usually a nice, little place where you get to buy specialized items of clothing. The moment you enter a boutique you have this feeling of exclusivity. This is what boutiques are all about – they create original clothes designs and when you shop from them you usually don’t feel embarrassed because 10 other women seem to be wearing the same stuff. Online clothing boutiques have really come up over the last few years. People that used to scoff at the idea of clothing boutiques online are now lining up to shop for the most exclusive clothes from these boutiques.

All of us know that when we buy clothes we don’t just consider the style but also the fit and feel. This is considered to be the biggest deterrent for clothing boutiques online. For men the issue is not so challenging because men are more or less clear about the sizes of their suits, shirts and pants. The challenge is mostly for women. Women have too many different styles of clothes to choose from they also are more finicky about the fit and feel. However, while common sense would say that these are reasons enough for online clothing boutiques not to sell more to women the data says something else altogether.

In the online shopping space apparel is only second in terms of popularity behind consumer electronics and computers. As per GP Bullhound, a London based investment bank, the CAGR for online apparel retail in the USA between 2012 and 2016 is expected to be 16%. The global online retail market for apparels is now more than $1.3 trillion in value and the way things are moving a fast, upward movement is going to happen in the next couple of years. And at the same time the brick and mortar apparel stores have started struggling and many of them have already wound up their business. All this actually augurs rather well for the online clothing boutiques.

As far as the issue with fitting is concerned True Fit is a startup that is working on a technology that will allow customer to get exact fitting clothes. True Fit will use a lot of data to analyze the how clothes should be designed to fit individual customers. Work is still going on and we should hear more about it in the near future. When this happens shopping from clothing boutiques online will become all the easier.

Should you wait till this new technology that we mentioned here comes into play? I don’t think so because these days you can easily figure out your apparel size. Spend some time on the internet to find out how you can deduce what your apparel size should be and you will have enough information on you. After you get to know the exact size just go ahead and shop from one of the clothing boutiques online. You will join millions of shoppers worldwide who shop only from online clothing boutiques. There are enough reasons for online shopping for clothes.

Shopping from clothing boutiques online is bound to become better with new technology being incorporated. However, shopping from online clothing boutiques is still extremely satisfactory.

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