Poker Games to Keep you Entertained

Posted by kundrasamar9 on October 13th, 2020

There is an innate competitive nature in the ambience of poker that is hard to get over. As soon as the deck gets shuffled and the cards dealt, you see a game-face at the table. The advantage that poker games have over most other similar activities is that nearly anybody can find themselves with a hand of cards. Although the nuances of poker are complicated to get used to, the game itself is relatively simple.

You get dealt with a set of cards throughout a few different streets. You then use your knowledge and experience to either bet, call, fold, or check, depending on the game’s circumstances. In the end, if you have the best five-card poker hand, you win the pot wherein you, along with others in the game, have invested in winning even bigger. This is how a regular poker game operates.

Of course, aspects of calculations and reading of your opponents’ hands, etc., are things you will pick up along the way. However, if you are simply someone who is looking to get into the action, here are some variations that you could try. These may not always be free poker games, but again, the thrill of poker is in playing for real money.

Texas Hold ’em

Having Texas Hold ’em in a list like this is a no-brainer. By large, Texas Hold ’em is the most famous of all poker games. This is a variation that is often introduced to beginners because it covers all the poker basics. You are dealt with two-hole cards in the pre-flop, and the initial blinds are posted. After this, three community cards get revealed in the flop round, followed by one each in the turn and river. Those left in the hand move to the showdown.


Omaha would be a close number two when compared to the popularity of Texas Hold ’em. Omaha works the same as Hold ’em, with only one major difference. Unlike Hold ’em, you are given four-hole cards in Omaha; everything else is practically the same. However, the additional two-hole cards give you a wider range of possibilities which require you to be more calculative. Those well-versed with Hold ’em can play Omaha games.

7 Card Stud

It used to be the most popular poker variant before Texas Hold ’em took over. Thankfully, the surge in online poker has ensured that 7 Card Stud formats are still relevant. In this game, you are individually dealt seven cards using which you must make the best five-card poker hand. Unlike Hold ’em and Omaha, this variant is usually played in the Limited betting structure. When you are looking for free online poker games, you might find a game or two of 7 Card Stud being sponsored by the poker room.


These poker variants are perfect for beginners. If you find yourself to be someone who might need a little bit of practice, then consider playing poker online free to get you in the groove of what occurs at the table.

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