Earth wind water fire and listed as Classic Elements

Posted by wengzhujing on February 18th, 2014

In WoW, I don't recall fire elementals using any lightning. But the air elementals from Vortex Pinnacle, particularly the 2 bosses (not the dragon) use lightning magic.So QFTQ... lightning is a feature of air elementals? How does air... static electricity... what?buy gold on wow.Air is where lighting falls, and thunder, the sound of thunder is air slamming back together, and the visuals of lighting is air molecules actually burning and flashing bright, So yes lighting falls into the air lore, but lighting isnt an element , electricity isnt an element, Earth wind water fire.....are the "classic elements."
Also the Modern term for element is states and they are Solid, liquid, plasma, and gas, those are actually the 4 elements of modern science.
Where does lightning come from? Clouds, in the sky. It's air. Seems pretty straightforward to me.Much easier to buy than Avatar's idea that lightning is the purview of Firebenders; how is that intuitive?

Electricity is energy, just like fire is energy.But yes, Electricity would be Air's domain in WoW. I believe it's classified as Nature damage along with all the other Air-based spells, isn't it?

All the bendings are energy; elemental bending is just a form of the more primal energy bending.Lightning spell are nature-based, but so are a Shaman's Earth spells, and so are their Water spells I think. The only non-nature spells Shamans have are Frost Shock and their fire spells.

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