Construction Job Trends 2014

Posted by hiringhelper on February 18th, 2014

The construction job market in 2014 is expected to grow as the economy improves, and many Americans are more optimistic about this year compared to the last. Over the next few years, analysts expect healthy growth in the construction industry with more available construction jobs and more construction projects to pursue.

Construction Job Growth in the US

Just last month, Ohio led the nation in construction job growth, adding 4,000 new construction jobs. In fact, contractors in Texas and other states are finding a shortage of skilled construction workers to meet rising demand. As news of job growth spreads, however, those workers that left the construction industry during the recession and mass layoffs several years ago could potentially return to the field.

Construction employment did decline in 32 states during the months of November and December 2013, though this is attributed to the blistering winter that has affected much of the country. Snowstorms and frigid temperatures have made it difficult for construction projects to be completed in many places, thus curtailing any growth. Once the weather improves, construction jobs could see more growth.

Wages for Construction Employees

In Florida, construction companies are offering higher wages in an effort to bring in skilled workers and retain them for the long term, according to a recent survey.

This is hopefully the beginning of a more widespread wage increase across America. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, construction laborers do not usually earn exceptionally high wages, with the higher earners making less than $60,000 per year. Workers in the South, according to the BLS, make less than those in other parts of the country.

Green Construction

Green construction has been on the rise the last several years. More contractors and construction business owners are counting on green and energy-efficient building practices to save costs and energy over the long-term. The growth and adoption of technology in the construction sector, such as smarter HVAC systems, will help conserve energy and manage it more effectively, especially when buildings and rooms are not in use.

People are optimistic that this year will be a better environment and economic climate than the last few, and that things are headed in the right direction for the construction industry.

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