Pocket Square - Men's Fashion Accessory for Elegant and Stylish Look

Posted by bestowneckties on February 18th, 2014

Many do believe that they don't care about the way they look and the outfit they wear, but those days are now gone. Today, women and men, both are equally conscious about their attire. They also look anxious about the way they carry themselves in public. For a complete professional outfit, a pocket square can never be left out. It makes you look sharp and focused. Pocket squares transforms your personality and you look extremely elegant and calm in public, and serves up as a nice piece of attire.


In many offices and businesses, it is mandatory wearing it every day. As we are evolving, our standard pocket square is also converted into its new avatar. Today we have various choices to choose from. They have different sizes, colors and designs. Over the years, one thing has not modified; silk and cotton fabrics are still the most popular fabrics for pocket square. Silk is smooth and has a distinguished sheen like no other fabric. This, along with its property of staying wrinkle free makes it one of the most prized possessions for tie companies. A silk pocket square ensures that you look your best in important meetings and high profile events.


During special events when you are required to look elegant yet contemporary, there is nothing better than a pocket square. Solid colored squares are best suited for many occasions and meetings, but before you buy a pocket square, make sure that you know the exact way of inserting it in your coat's upper left pocket. There is a certain folding sequence which needs to be followed to carry that professional pocket square look. Psychologists state that color plays an important part in determining a person's character, personality and integrity. People who like bright colors are more fun loving in nature, up, whereas dark colors signify focus, more work and steadiness. Black and Burgundy colored squares are known as power squares. If you are playful and have a young heart, consider going for brighter colors such as Yellow and Red. They attract people's attention and are designed for parties and informal occasions.


Search online shopping websites if you want to choose from thousands of styles in different fabrics. These stores will have offers round the year, and at such a price point, there is no better way to shop.


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