Window Cleaning Services-5 Commonly Asked Questions

Posted by aghawindow on February 18th, 2014

Have you ever cleaned your windows yourself and then looked back at the job only to become unhappy with your cleaning? If yes, then you need the services of an expert residential window washing company. They will not just make your windows squeaky clean but will also take the burden off your shoulders, giving you ample time to concentrate on other important things in life. But, like every first time customer you might have a few questions and apprehensions in your mind. So, here are some common window cleaning questions answered by the experts at Agha Window Cleaning Services.

1. I can clean my windows myself; do I still need a professional window cleaner?

Though you can clean your windows yourself, but sometimes, you have other important things to do, like-an important meeting, attending guests, looking after your children. In such cases hiring a window cleaner can make your life much easier. You can schedule to have your windows cleaned as often as you like and you can choose the days and hours that work the best for you. Also, there are certain areas of your windows that are hard to reach. Agha Window Cleaning Services’ professional window cleaners have the requisite knowledge and skills to clean every corner, every inch of your windows, giving you super clean windows that you can boast of.

2. How will my windows be cleaned?

Agha Window Cleaning Services uses a professional, environmental friendly cleaning solution for the task at hand. The company uses a system known as the Water Fed Pole on the exterior which uses purified water that leaves your windows super clean and streak free. The water fed pole cleaning technique is totally safe as it eliminates the need of ladders and uses poles of various heights that can reach up to 5 floors.

3. How often will I need to get my windows cleaned?

When you get your windows cleaned using water fed pole technology, your windows stay clean for longer as unlike detergents, the pure water used in water fed poles does not leave a sticky film that attracts dirt. Therefore, after pure water cleaning, future contamination and build up of dirt is a much slower process.

4. Can I just have outside windows cleaned?

You can have just the outside windows cleaned, but it is highly recommended to clean both the inside and outside windows, since it is difficult to tell which side of the glass dirt or smudges are on. Cleaning both sides is the only way to ensure that you are getting the highest quality of cleaning.

5. Do you offer guarantee on your services?

Agha residential cleaning services Dubai prides itself on its professionalism. The company lets its work speak for itself. Therefore, they guarantee that you will be completely satisfied with their remarkable service. The company promises that if within 7 days of their clean (even when it rains) you find one of your windows dirty, they will come out and clean it again Free of charge. Only an expert will understand the unique requirement of your home. Agha Window Cleaning Services, customize their services according to the unique needs of their customers to give their windows a shine like never before.

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