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Posted by JulyRed on February 18th, 2014

One dreams for a considerable period of time before taking the initiative in proceeding with a business venture. The major problem that is encountered right from the start is money or capital. Money for business can be obtained from banks as well as other grants and capitalists, but to win their trust and proving oneself in this process is a difficult job. What most of these budding enthusiasts do is settle down with a small business loan. However, that too isn’t a child’s play.

Even in this rough economic condition marked by recession and other financial turmoils, a bank loan is the best option for securing capital. Banks do welcome the idea of any small venture and understand the need for money for business, but in dispensing cash they have a rethink over the commitment level of newbies. Moreover, if such small businesses have had a flaw in the past and borrowers seems sceptical about repaying the loan, it is never entertained by banks. Investors and venture capitalists too, report the same if they act as lenders. During these circumstances a small business loan comes in handy. But getting it is highly dependent on writing a proper loan proposal to the lender. The loan proposal must include some crucial information such as a detailed account of both the borrower and the business idea in general, also the identity of the person and work profile, the amount of money needed, where it requires to be spent, process of repaying the loan and in the event of an inability to do so what will be his/her future course of action.

Since new business owners are constantly on the lookout for money for business, they often proceed with their start up plans based on funds that does not require repayment or maybe a meagre amount. Entertaining few options as the ones suggested below proves fruitful in few cases:

•             One’s personal savings: A good way to utilize a lot of savings from the past. If it did not meet any purpose till date, a business venture is worthy to be invested in.

•             Home payment: Few companies start their business from homes, helping in lowering their costs. Till the time the company expands online sale of products is a viable option. Apart from that, family members and friends are substantial contributors. It may not be as large as banks, but the question that arises most is if the willingness to lend is present.

•             Credit cards: Several credit cards with large spending limits are one of the best finance options to consolidate one’s business. The only drawback lies in putting the business at risk for higher interest rates can make anyone get into debt.

•             State and Federal Grant programs: One of the best avenues for getting free money are the several state and federal grant programs. The government provides sufficient grant money for these small business enterprises.

It’s a painstaking work to secure money for business, and not all the options as suggested above offer complete solutions. It’s a wise choice to depend on banks or other reliable providers for a small business loan.

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