Where are the best beach front homes in Panama?

Posted by AllmaJess on February 18th, 2014

Panama has a very strategic location in Central America. Panama connects the two Americas and this allows it some extra income from the Panama Canal. However, this is not all about Panama. It is one of the most geographically diverse countries in the world that is currently on a fast boat of development. The cost of real estate in Panama is still within limits but as more and more expats settle down in this country the prices are bound to head considerably north. The beach front homes in Panama are among the most popular in the world. Stay near one of the top Panama beaches and you could lead the time of your life.

Even if you want to invest in real estate in Panama in Panama City, the capital of the country, you are not too far away from the beaches. The magic of Panama lies in the fact that it is surrounded by large water bodies. It looks like a horizontal handle where the handle at the top is joined to Costa Rica in North America and the handle at the bottom is joined to Colombia in Latin America. On the eastern side (or north if you want to call it) is the Caribbean Sea and on the western side (or south as in the map) is the Pacific Ocean. Hence, there is no lack of beaches in this country. And it is these beaches that are drawing people from all over the world that are taking up residence in this beautiful country.

The only issue with Panama City is that it is one of the busiest cities in this region. It is a beta world city that has the busiest airport in Central America and it has the offices of some of the largest companies in the world. For those looking for a lot of peace and quiet it makes sense to take up beach front homes in Panama slightly away from the capital.

And what beautiful places you have when you drive about an hour from Panama City. These are the ideal places for beach front homes in Panama and these are the places where you should look at real estate in Panama for staying purposes.

Primary among the beach locations is Coronado. The place is called the Gold Coast of Panama and is a favorite of the expats. The whole area is highly planned and a lot of real estate development is going on. Whether you just want to enjoy sunshine at the beach or you want some great nightlife or shopping or dining, Coronado is the place to be in Panama. Surrounding Coronado are other places like Gorgona, Chame, Vista Mar, San Carlos and Costa Esmerelda. All of them are worth buying real estate in Panama in.

The best real estate in Panama is still within reach of many but the scenario may change soon. Have an expert show you the beach front homes in Panama in the best parts of the country and you will end up buying.

Among the best real estate in Panama are the beach front homes in Panama. Invest today and you can really lead a tranquil life.

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