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Posted by Johny Dean on February 18th, 2014

The Border Collie is a breed of herding dogs, known for their agility and intelligence. Border Collies Surrey are highly energetic, athletic, and acrobatic, being suitable to participate in dog sports contests. Besides sporting events, this breed is also very appropriate for dog dancing competitions.

Identifying a Border Collie is very easy. Border Collies Surrey are medium-sized dogs, with a long and soft fur coat, a tail that reaches the hock, half-perked ears, oval eyes, a height varying from 45 to 55 cm and a weight that is between 30 and 45 pounds. These are the general characteristics of an adult Border Collie; they can vary, depending on its age, health, gender, and living conditions.

Also related to the appearance of a Border Collie, it has to be mentioned that the coat colour is usually black and white, although combinations of red, white, brindle, and gray are also available. Generally, a colour predominates, being known as the primary colour and covering most of the dog’s body.

Eye colour varies as well from dog to dog, but the most common one is deep brown; other eye colours are blue and amber. Merles have eyes of different colours. Merle is a sort of design in a dog’s coat, represented by various patches of colour spreaded on the coat, and, sometimes, affecting its pigment.

The skull of a Border Collie is pretty large with erect, dropped or half-perked ears, oval eyes and a black nose. The face is not covered with the same long and soft fur that covers most of its body, but with short hairs, that are also present on the dog’s lower legs. The coat has to be properly cared for, to help the dog maintain its brightness.

Since they are herding dogs, Border Collies require daily physical exercise. Due to this reason, it is best if such dogs are adopted by human families that can provide them with a large outdoor playground. Raising a Border Collie in a flat is not that recommended, unless the dog is considerably exercised daily.

Speaking of adoption, this has to be made preferably when the Collie is still a puppy, to ease your task of training the dog. However, Border Collies can be adopted at any age, because being so intelligent, they can be trained rapidly, but only if they are healthy. The adoption can be undertaken by contacting some reliable dog breeders Surrey.

Dog breeders Surrey provide puppies to those interested, along with a free puppy pack and insurance. Plus, they can offer occasional free advice to their customers, since they know pretty much everything that is to be known about the breed they trade.

Looking for a loyal and energetic friend? Consider getting yourself a Border Collie. This is a dog breed that is extremely intelligent, athletic and acrobatic and that will certainly bring joy to your home. For healthy and socialised Border Collies Surrey, we invite you to contact us today. We are reliable dog breeders Surrey that have litters of puppies for sale. Each puppy comes with 6 weeks of free insurance and a free puppy pack, plus, you can call or message us to discuss any problem regarding your puppy, after taking it home.

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