Dry Eye Symptoms And Treatments

Posted by keywhitman on February 18th, 2014

Dry eye syndrome is a chronic, irritating, uncomfortable eye condition that occurs when the tear glands in the eyes do not produce sufficient tears or produce poor quality tears, resulting in insufficient lubrication for the eyes.

People who suffer from dry eyes typically describe an itching or burning sensation in the eyes. Some may even describe it as a feeling of grittiness as the eyelid closes or moves over the conjunctiva (whites of the eye) and cornea (clear lens over the iris).

Dry eye symptoms range from minor discomfort or irritation to pain and even loss of vision. The good news is that dry eyes can be treated.

Dry eye treatment depends on the symptoms and type of dry eye the patient is experiencing. Minor to moderate cases of dry eyes can often be treated with the use of a humidifier, tear duct plugs and/or over-the-counter lubricating eye drops TheraTears; gel agent drops like Systane; or preservative drops such as GenTeal. The Science Based Health supplement for dry eyes, HydroEye®. Is also an effective treatment for this uncomfortable condition.

Restasis and LipiFlow® are other available treatments for dry eyes. Restasis is a well-known prescription medication for that reduces inflammation and helps produce more tears that do not dry up as fast. LipiFlow is a treatment that can be done in your doctor’s office to relieve symptoms of dry eyes.

The LipiView® tool allows physicians to observe the tear film on the surface of the eye using digital images , determine the type of dry eyes a patient may be experiencing and treat the root cause of the dry eye. In the majority of cases, the cause is evaporative dry eye -- a disease in which the eyelid glands are blocked, resulting in a deficiency in the tear film oil. It is this oil that keeps tears from evaporating too quickly.

Using the LipiFlow Thermal Pulsation system, doctors can relieve obstructions of the blocked eyelid glands by applying a combination of heat therapy and pressure to the gland. LipiFlow opens blocked eyelid glands, making way for the natural production of oils (lipids) necessary for the tear film of the eye.

Patients with dry eyes should drink plenty of water and doctors may even suggest that the patient eat fish or consume fish oil or flax seed oil as a dietary supplement. Artificial tears or over the counter eye drops offer only temporary relief and require frequent application.  Many lubricating eye drops contain preservatives, which may make the problem worse when used over a long period time. It is recommended to keep the usage of eye drops to a minimum and try to alleviate the problem with natural methods like using a humidifier, drinking water and avoiding situations that may make dry eyes worse.

Artificial air conditioning, heating, extreme heat or extreme cold will dry the eyes and should be avoided when possible. If you suffer from dry eyes, you should also prevent direct exposure to air blowing in your face from a fan, as the circulation of air can also cause dryness in the eyes.

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