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Posted by sarahbulaiman on February 19th, 2014

Is anybody  wants to know about Final Fantasy XIV’s upcoming player housing system?  Final Fantasy Xiv Gil has a pretty enlightening video on the subject. The thing is eight minutes long, in fact, and it shows everything from housing styles and house placement to exterior modifications and yard clutter.

Strangely there’s no interior footage, but with any luck we’ll see some of that in short Cheap FFXIV Gil order.According to a thread on the forums, the small house displayed in the Producer’s Letter cost 850K.

There’s still too little info to leap into assumption, but I stand on this weird realm between incredibly excited and worried as hell about costs. Seems like it’s going to be a system fairly similar to Rift’s Dimensions, which is pretty cool imo.

This is also a fight where a lot of people struggle, partly because keeping track of all the subtle ways things change can be a really hard skill to learn. Tanks especially have to learn that the breath is about where most dodged abilities will be later in the game — you do not have a wide margin for error. When you see it, move. You can read more information about ffxiv by visit:ffxivingil

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